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Insights Executive at The Goat Agency

BY: Rowan Byers 24/04/2024

The Coachella Revival: Impact of Influencer Marketing on Coachella

Coachella is changing. In the lead up to this year’s festival, slow ticket sales and noticeably less festival-themed content on social media had many worried that it could be losing its grip on pop culture.  But as Coachella wraps up, the headlines paint a picture of free-spirited festivities, celebrities enjoying themselves, and scaled back influencer
BY: Rowan Byers 15/02/2024

How Social Media and Content Creators Influenced Super Bowl LVIII 

As the spectacle of Super Bowl LVIII unfolded, it wasn’t just about touchdowns and halftime performances; it was a stage for social media influencers and content creators to seize the spotlight. Influencers have truly entered the field, and were involved with nearly every big brand campaign around the event this year.  Let’s explore how brands
BY: Rowan Byers 18/12/2023

TikTok Shop’s First Christmas: How Brands are Leveraging Social Commerce Solution for the Holidays

48% of Gen Z will do their holiday shopping on social media this holiday season. Is it a surprise then that major brands are shifting large quantities of their digital spend to TikTok? Absolutely not. This uptick in spend, and the rise in users using TikTok for their holiday gifts, can be attributed to the rise of social commerce across Europe and the US. So let’s unwrap, and take a look at the rising trend, and how brands are using TikTok Shop this holiday season.
BY: Rowan Byers 06/12/2023

Meet the Herd: Dom Hyams – Head of Strategy at Purple Goat 

Meet the Herd brings you closer to brilliant minds behind our global, award-winning social media and influencer marketing agency. In this Goat exclusive, we sat down with Dom Hyams, Head of Strategy at our sister agency, Purple Goat. 
BY: Rowan Byers 04/12/2023

4 Skincare Brands Crushing it on TikTok and What You Can Learn

There are a myriad of skincare brands crushing it on TikTok. But there are also plenty of brands that are still missing the mark. How can you make your brand one of the former and avoid being one of the latter? We’re diving into the world of skincare on TikTok and what makes brands shine.
BY: Rowan Byers 28/11/2023

Video Marketing in 2024 – What Brands Can Learn From Its Evolution So Far

In this digitalized world where 82% of global internet traffic comes from video traffic, it’s fitting that we take a glance at the video marketing space.  From its early beginnings on YouTube, looking ahead to the possibilities of the metaverse, how exactly has video marketing evolved, and more importantly, what can we learn from the latest developments?
BY: Rowan Byers 27/11/2023

The Rise of Social Commerce in the West – What Brands Need to Know in 2024

The emergence of TikTok Shop, Instagram Shop, Pinterest Shop, and Facebook Marketplace, all indicate one thing – social commerce is rapidly scaling here in the West. In this blog, we’re delving into the rise of social commerce, exploring its definition and impact on platforms like TikTok, and Instagram, highlighting the rise and potential of this dynamic shopping experience. What is the current landscape and what future trends will transpire? Stick around as we look to outline the imminent boom of social commerce in the West, and how brands can tap into the rising demand.
BY: Rowan Byers 15/11/2023

The Power of Collaborative Marketing – What Is It, Benefits for Brands + Iconic Partnership Examples 

Dive into the world of collaborative marketing, a strategy uniting brands for innovation, targeted campaigns, and social impact. From Fortnite x Balenciaga, to Doritos x Burger King, there have been some iconic moments delivered to us through brand collaboration.  We’re here to explore the idiom of brand collaborations and learn the keys to its success - plus some exciting examples of recent collaborative marketing campaigns.
BY: Rowan Byers 09/11/2023

How Brands Can Leverage the New TikTok Out of Phone Marketing Feature

If expanding into search, live streaming, and e-commerce wasn’t enough, TikTok has now added out-of-home advertising to that list.  They recently announced Out of Phone; a new advertising formula that enables brands to translate the content created and viewed in-app, and displaying that across surfaces in the physical world. But what is the opportunity for brands, and should you be considering an OOH strategy with TikTok?  Let’s find out.
BY: Rowan Byers 02/11/2023

Unlocking the Power of Influencer Marketing in Social Commerce

In recent years, the landscape of commerce has undergone a transformative shift, where the lines between social media and shopping have blurred to create an engaging fusion known as social commerce. At the heart of this revolution are influencers, who have the power to shape consumer behavior and drive momentum on behalf of brands.  We’re delving into the synergy between influencer marketing and social commerce, exploring the rise of this dynamic duo, its impact on brands, and the exciting prospects it holds for the future of online shopping.
BY: Rowan Byers 31/10/2023

The Top 5 TikTok Fashion Month Influencers in 2023

TikTok has become the ultimate bridge between consumers and fashion week. Of course, it’s a highly visual platform offering brands a perfect place to showcase their collections and interact with their audiences.  Throughout 2023, #TikTokFashion and #BeautyTok global views have increased by 300%, bringing together one of the fastest-growing and dynamic communities on the platform. And the key word here is community. Fashion on TikTok is about conversation, collaboration, and creativity. It’s a place to not only show products but to connect with your audience on a deeper level.
BY: Rowan Byers 26/10/2023

TikTok Search Engine – How Does it Impact Marketing?

As more users flock to the TikTok search engine, should we start to rethink how content marketing is approached on the platform? Furthermore, where does Google stand now that TikTok is eating into its search traffic, and how does this impact the overall state of marketing?