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Insights Executive at The Goat Agency

BY: Rowan Byers 21/09/2023

The Top 5 Food Brands Crushing it on TikTok

TikTok is saturated with delicious videos from food brands. So, how have some of them become the cream of the crop? In a world where short-form video content is king, these brands have cracked the code on engaging audiences and driving customer loyalty, all while showcasing their tasty products. 47% of TikTok users have bought something they have seen on the app. So, if you want to ensure you’re making the most of this opportunity, you need to look at the brands that are already killing it.  We’re deep-diving into the strategies of top food brands on TikTok. Brands that have not only survived but thrived in the competitive arena of the platform; plus, we’re going to tell you what your brand can learn from each one of them. So, let’s dig in.
BY: Rowan Byers 15/09/2023

7 Top Beauty Brands on TikTok in 2023

TikTok is a powerhouse of beauty activity. With thousands of brands trying to showcase their beauty products and get fans on board, it’s hard to know how to slay the competition. We’re here to give you the weapons to do so.  TikTok has over 1 billion users, and in order to win them over, you need to know how to play the beauty TikTok game right. Hint - It’s less about airbrushing and more about authenticity. What better way to learn than from the masters themselves? We’re diving into the best beauty brands on TikTok and what your brand can learn from them in 2023. Notes at the ready.
BY: Rowan Byers 11/09/2023

Zillennial Marketing: How to access the Hidden Generation

What’s green, keen, and completely misunderstood? That would be the Zillennial generation. This “in-between'' age group is a demographic of climate advocates, eager spenders, and unrepresented consumers. So who are they, what do they want, and how can you reach them?  We’re digging into the world of Zillennial marketing. This generation is, after all, a seriously powerful one, so you won’t want to miss out on meeting them. It’s about time you had a proper introduction.
BY: Rowan Byers 06/09/2023

How to Ensure Your Brand Sticks to Instagram Advertising Rules

One thing us brand marketers must always keen an eye on is the Instagram advertising rules. Meta is always updating its legislation around advertising to keep in line with regional laws prohibiting certain content, and material. But what does Instagram's advertising guidelines say in 2023? And how can brands ensure they are marketing within the confines of the law?
BY: Rowan Byers 04/09/2023

The Top 5 Influencer Marketing Campaigns at the Women’s World Cup 2023

The 2023 Women’s World Cup drew to a close with triumph for Spain and heartbreak for England and its Lionesses. Off the field, the tournament has recorded record viewership, and interest from brands all over the world from the likes of Nike, Sure, and EA. We’ve seen the highlight reel of the top goals and moments from the tournament, but what are the top Women’s World Cup influencer marketing campaigns? Let’s take a look.
BY: Rowan Byers 31/08/2023

How Gen Z Has Impacted Social Media Marketing & What Brands Can Do To Adapt 

Gen Z is perhaps the most influential demographic inhabiting the social media landscape. Having been raised on social, the demographic has a fluent understanding of how the space works and has played a vital role in altering the fabrics of social media marketing.  For brands, here’s everything you need to know about Gen Z social media marketing, from how they spend their time to the content they consume, the values they hold closest, and how brands can adapt.
BY: Rowan Byers 23/08/2023

Exploring TikTok Gaming – Opportunities for Brands and How it Ranks Against Strong Competitors

TikTok gaming is booming. Traditionally YouTube, and Twitch are the first that come to mind when we picture the gaming industry, but with 82% of TikTok users playing games at least once a week, it’s no surprise that the vertical has started to gain traction on TikTok.  How does TikTok rank among its competitors? And what steps can brands take to tap into the gaming industry using TikTok? Let’s find out.
BY: Rowan Byers 21/08/2023

Threads Marketing – A Whole New World of Opportunity for Brands? 

Threads is the new kid on the social media block. Reaching 100 million users in under a week, the app replaced ChatGPT as the fastest to reach the milestone, ever. Threads’ initial boom would prove hard to maintain, and the platform has since seen a significant drop in engagement. How does Threads fare as a marketing tool? While the platform is still in its proverbial toddler years, brands have been quick to adopt a Threads strategy. So, what are the marketing opportunities? Let’s find out.
BY: Rowan Byers 16/08/2023

Marketing Tips For Luxury Brands on TikTok – How To Reach Gen Z

More and more luxury brands have joined TikTok, shining a light on the potential for reaching new, younger audiences (Gen Z and Alpha will soon make up a significant portion of the market). Social has become the top source of brand and product discovery for Gen Z with 40% using Instagram and TikTok for search
BY: Rowan Byers 09/08/2023

Getting Your Brand’s Festival Activations Right (and Examples of Festival Marketing)

We’re at the peak of summer 2023, which means festival season is in full swing. Each year brands tuck away some of their marketing budget in preparation for the season’s biggest events. Festivals are the hottest tickets for brands looking to get their name out there. They are also great opportunities for brands to experiment with new marketing strategies, reach new audiences, and foster better relationships with consumers.  So, what are the guidelines? What can we learn from the likes of Spotify, Absolut, and other big name brands that activate around the biggest festivals. How can brands nail festival marketing? Let’s find out.
BY: Rowan Byers 07/08/2023

Introducing Twitch Stories & Discovery Feed – What Does the Move Away From ‘Live Only’ Content Mean for Brands?

So TwitchCon Paris happened, and we learned that Twitch is receiving a host of new tools and formats designed to improve the user experience, and get behind its creative talent. Among the announcements were Twitch Stories and a Twitch Discovery Feed, two formats that would mean Twitch is moving away from a ‘live only’ formula, for the first time.  What do these new features mean for Twitch, brands, and the wider social landscape? Let’s find out.
BY: Rowan Byers 02/08/2023

The Ultimate Guide to Twitch Marketing in 2023

Twitch is the world’s largest online video game streaming platform, known for captivating audiences through live content. The platform is driven by real-time engagement, and community participation, which means there is a lot of potential for brands to tap into, and grow within the live stream market. Twitch marketing can help brands expand their reach to new, more diverse, audiences. Twitch is also a great platform for brands looking to create a sense of community, and really get to know their consumers. Here’s our guide to Twitch marketing in 2023.