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January 4, 2022


Throughout the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, the world was forced into isolation leading to a need to connect through social platforms and rely on digital services for consumer goods and entertainment. One sector that experienced a huge surge during lockdown was beauty – and more specifically skincare. For our longstanding client Beiersdorf, 2021 became an incredible year as we set out to activate influencers across a number of platforms to market an array of Beiersdorf brands that included Eucerin, NIVEA, Florena and Elastoplast.

The Objective

During a time absent of in-person events, Beiersdorf focused marketing spend towards digital and social channels. As a result, our dedicated influencer and paid marketing team at Goat worked in unison to deliver numerous campaigns throughout 2021, activating over one hundred influencers throughout the year.

We delivered fresh and exciting new proposals across a number of Beiersdorf’s business units and activated across platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and TikTok. Due to our data-driven approach, we were able to deliver strong results across all platforms, identifying valuable influencers from previous performance data to ensure every campaign fulfillled the overall objective.

Our CRM allows us to track everything from personal information about the influencers to performance data such as CPMs or CPCs from past campaigns. This allows us to make informed and strategic decisions about who we use and how we use them in order to drive the best possible results for the client.

What We Delivered

Across the four brands under the Beiersdorf umbrella, we partnered with 215 influencers with a complete following of over 41.2m, delivering 163 posts, 982 Stories across Instagram and 52 videos across TikTok.

In total, we’ve delivered over 109 million impressions, 69 million engagements and over 550,00 clicks through to retailers websites. These results were achieved through a combination of organic and influencer paid strategies, with creatives being tested through organic channels first, then optimizing top-performing content by influencers producing content for paid assets.


Beiersdorf Campaign - Nivea Social Media Marketing

Nivea was an account that saw huge growth in 2021, with 17 campaigns going live across NIVEA, NIVEA MEN and paid extension projects. Campaigns included a launch of a new Shower body wash, which resulted in influencers delivering high-quality content that translated into a surge of performance delivery, maximizing impressions and awareness of the product across social.

In April, we also worked closely with NIVEA to produce a new YouTube series, ‘Living in my Skin‘ featuring NIVEA ambassadors such as Liv Bowen, Amina and Natania. The aim of the show was to humanize the NIVEA brand through discussions of important topics such as mental health, career goals and lockdown.

Due to the reactiveness on the NIVEA account, we were awarded a considerable amount of briefs on top of our contracted campaigns for the year, which helped us to delve deeper into the type of influencers we wanted to use and different content strategies. This allowed for some amazing content to go live across a real range of product categories and continued brand exposure for NIVEA.


Being a pharmaceutical-based brand, it’s important that the key messaging is confidently approached in our influencer content and is factually correct. We have activated the top skincare influencers in 2021, including Nadine Baggott and Hannah Martin. Furthermore, we built up an ambassadorship with Carys Whittaker to raise awareness of Eucerin’s gold standard Urea range.

Beiersdorf Campaign - Eucerin Social Media Marketing

Utilising macro-influencers has maximized reach and brand exposure for Eucerin, as well as the use of credible voices for the brand to communicate how effective Eucerin’s clinically proven products are.


Florena is a newer brand to the UK market under the Beiersdorf umbrella. Our dedicated campaigns team at Goat was tasked with activating influencers across Instagram and TikTok, as well as delivering a social-growth campaign to raise awareness of the brand. To maximize campaign delivery on a recent campaign, we focused on activating top skincare and beauty content creators across TikTok campaign, driving over 13 million impressions and engagements and over 70k clicks through to Florena’s multiple retailer websites. Influencers had a lot of creative freedom on this campaign tapping into multiple TikTok trends such as ASMR and voiceovers – something that aligned well with Florena’s young millennial target audience.


Elastoplast is another account that has seen great growth since 2020, with the brand continuing to activate social media influencers, who generate great brand exposure for the plaster brand. We used a variety of approaches across our 2021 Elastoplast campaigns, working with both celebrities and parent-specific creators across Instagram to drive clicks and conversions through Instagram Stories.

Due to the vast amount of data we already have on NIVEA, Eucerin and Elastoplast, we are able to closely analyze past performance data to identify top performers and reactivate for future campaigns. We are now in a position where we have established a clear roster of individuals who are true advocates of the brand and lend an authentic touchpoint for the brand, helping to maximize delivery of current and future campaigns.

The Influencers

The campaigns team consistently outreach to hundreds of influencers for the numerous Beiersdorf brands, ensuring we carefully select top-performing creators from past campaigns who drive solid performance across key metrics, as well as fresh outreach to new and upcoming content creators that align with each brand’s unique values.

For Beiersdorf, it’s crucial that influencers’ personalities match each brand in question, ensuring product-focused content will appeal to their audience.

What is Next?

Beiersdorf Campaign - Nivea Social Media Marketing

It has been a really exciting year for Beiersdorf and the brands we currently work with. We’ve not only worked with new influencers, but we’ve also pivoted campaign strategies to newer platforms such as TikTok, helping to deliver a huge volume of impressions and clicks.

As we go into 2022, we will continue to strengthen the social presence of each brand, furthering brand awareness and building loyal customer segments through influencer and paid strategies. We will also be looking to work with more upcoming influencers and continue to test more platforms and content styles.

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Written by: Jess Bradbrook

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