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BY: The Goat Agency 08/07/2024

How to use Amazon Live as part of your influencer strategy

Ever considered what it would be like if you took the best parts of Twitch or YouTube livestreams and combined them with the best parts of teleshopping? Where products are featured on-screen in real time, and users can click straight through to an Amazon product page to buy while they watch?
BY: The Goat Agency 04/07/2024

How Brands Can Connect with Gen Z Sports Fans Through Social and Influencers

Gen Z stands as one of the largest, and perhaps the most engaged cohorts in the digital world. Among this vast audience are the next generation of sports fans, but the challenge many brands in the sports industry face is connecting with them.  
BY: The Goat Agency 21/06/2024

How Brands Approached Pride Through Influencers in 2024

It’s Pride month, and it’s been great to see brands and advertisers actively advocating and showing support for LGBTQ+ communities across social media.  In the past though, a lot of brands have been accused of “rainbow-washing” around Pride - doing meaningless activity like adopting a rainbow icon but showing no further advocacy (or even worse, having policies that actually contradict their public support).  Social media has given people a voice to call this kind of laziness or hypocrisy out, and more than ever, brands must really consider how they want to meaningfully show up for Pride, and how they’re going to back up their words with actions.  So has that message been received, and have brands been able to authenticate their Pride influencer marketing this year?
BY: The Goat Agency 19/06/2024

Our Next London Event for Marketing Procurement Teams

Influencer is quickly becoming a bigger part of brand's media spend. But how does the industry actually operate and what does this mean for the way that brands and agencies deliver campaigns?
BY: The Goat Agency 18/06/2024

The Evolution of Love Island Influencers and How Brands Partner With Them

It’s summertime in the UK, which can only mean one thing, Love Island is back! Now in its 12th season, the show has grown massively since its launch. Whilst many tune in for the love stories and drama, the show is perhaps best known for its track record of creating influencers.
BY: The Goat Agency 14/06/2024

Change the Game: How brands can build a winning influencer strategy for the summer of sport

Sports fans are in for an action-packed summer with the Euros, Olympics, Wimbledon, and more just around the corner. The summer of sport is fast approaching… So how can brands make noise and create meaningful engagement with fans through social and influencer marketing? Changing the game through social and influencers 3 billion people tuned in
BY: The Goat Agency 12/06/2024

How Brands Can Maximize Their Impact at the 2024 Olympics Using Influencer Marketing

Over the years, the Olympics have transformed from merely a global sporting event into a powerful platform for influencer marketing. Historically, brands leveraged traditional advertising methods to reach audiences, but the rise of social media has shifted the landscape. Influencers, with authentic and relatable content, have become key players in engaging audiences on a personal level. The Olympics provide a unique blend of sports, culture, and global unity, making it an ideal stage for influencer marketing. Brands can tap into the emotional and inspirational aspects of the Games, creating campaigns that resonate deeply with audiences. The evolution of this marketing approach has seen brands move from generic endorsements to more nuanced and targeted influencer partnerships, ensuring a more meaningful connection with their audience.
BY: The Goat Agency 06/06/2024

The Marketer’s Guide to TikTok Social Commerce 

Social commerce offers one of the most frictionless, social-led shopping experiences yet. Through the recently launched TikTok Shop, your audience can see a product in action, research it, and make a purchase – all without ever leaving the TikTok app. If you’re a brand or business looking to leverage this powerful new feature to its fullest potential, you’re in the right place. Read on for a run-down of what’s going on with social commerce on TikTok in 2024, how you can start seeing success with it from day one, and our insider tips for refining your TikTok Shop for maximum impact.
BY: The Goat Agency 05/06/2024

Celebrating Pride 2024

This Pride Month, we're shining a spotlight on some incredibly talented UK-based LGBTQ+ creators. In this three-part interview series, we sit down with LGBTQ+ content creators across the UK in locations that hold special meaning to them. Each interview delves into the creator's path to becoming a voice in the LGBTQ+ community, their experiences of being 'out' online, and the impact social media has had on their lives.
BY: The Goat Agency 14/05/2024

How Brands Can Nail Their Fashion Influencer Marketing  

In today’s digital landscape, where else is there to turn but social media for fashion inspiration? Platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest have become synonymous with fashion labels, high-street retailers, and of course, apparel-savvy content creators.  Brands are waking up the massive potential of influencer marketing for fashion. Since it’s the most visual, personalized and trend-led consumer category out there, safe to say this is an influencer-led marketing revolution. We’re diving into the power of fashion influencer marketing of recent, showing you exactly how brands are standing out, in what always has and will be an intensely competitive sector.
BY: The Goat Agency 03/05/2024

10 Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands on TikTok 

With each passing day TikTok cements its position as the ultimate engine for creative and impactful marketing. Kantar’s 2023 Media Reactions report rated TikTok as the #1 platform for ad equity (for the 4th year running). It also ranked 1st for its ability to grab attention, through ratings determined based on feedback from both marketers
BY: The Goat Agency 29/04/2024

The Goat Agency partners with Snapchat to help brands work with Snap Creators

We are excited to announce The Goat Agency's official UK partnership with Snapchat, helping brands to harness the power of creators through its Snap Star Studio.