BLOG POST BY: Niamh Kelly
August 17, 2021


We took the health supplements brand, YourZooki stateside! In their first-ever US campaign, we launched YourZooki’s brand new chlorophyll drops on TikTok.


With the chlorophyll drops launching in GNC stores nationwide on 8th June, and on their website 10 days later, YourZooki tasked us with activating influencers to generate hype & mass awareness surrounding the launch of their chlorophyll drops. 

We identified TikTok to be the best platform for this particular campaign due to the viral nature of the platform and the fact the platform has become the birthplace of many health and fitness-related trends over the past year. The recent trend was with chlorophyll water, which had taken over everyone’s ‘For You’ pages on the platform, making TikTok the best place to trend hack this already emerging conversation through influencers to communicate the benefits of chlorophyll water. The power of TikTok’s algorithm enables videos & products to go viral in a matter of minutes, which is exactly what YourZooki was looking for.


Over the 3-week launch campaign, we delivered 15 TikTok videos, of which 3 went viral. Overall we delivered over 7.5 million video views and 647,000 engagements and climbing! Additionally, we drove over 30,000 tracked link clicks to the YourZooki website, on top of footfall to GNC stores.


We split the campaign into two bursts – one wave focusing on the GNC launch, with influencers either filming themselves going to GNC to pick up YourZooki chlorophyll or calling out that it’s available in GNC stores nationwide. The second wave focused on the online launch, encouraging influencers to check out the chlorophyll drops on YourZooki’s website.  

Goat worked individually with all influencers testing and optimizing a variety of creatives – including daily morning routines, weekly progress videos & educational videos on the potential benefits of chlorophyll water. This strategy of testing and learning was critical in identifying which forms of content were most effective, which then informed our paid strategy, which involved boosting our best performing videos to maximize reach across TikTok. 

Campaign members based in the US dealt with all things influencer and paid media, working in unison with the UK client team to keep in constant communication with YourZooki, to ensure both bursts launched on time.


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♬ FEEL THE GROOVE – Queens Road, Fabian Graetz


The team reached out to the most influential TikTokers in the lifestyle, skincare, health & wellness spaces. We selected influencers performing well on past Goat campaigns, combining them with new emerging creators that have experienced significant growth and are culturally relevant. The team were continuously keeping an eye out for the most talked-about influencers on the platform to reach out to. 

We selected 9 lifestyle and 5 skincare creators, equally split across both burts to maximize noise. We worked with influencers to mutually agree on a scheduling time when they typically see the highest engagement on TikTok. Getting content out quickly to jump on the chlorophyll water trend was vital for the success of this campaign. Having the team operating across all time zones in the US enabled us to launch on time.


Seriously loving Chlorophyll Zooki from @yourzooki ! #chlorophyllzooki #teamzooki #ad #chlorophyllwater

♬ Darling – Trees and Lucy

With tight US & TikTok restrictions on what influencers can and can’t say in relation to the health benefits of chlorophyll water, our campaigns team jumped on briefing calls with all 14 influencers. This ensured influencers knew the correct terminology to use when educating their followers on potential benefits and highlighting the key features of YourZooki’s chlorophyll drops. This enabled a smooth content approval process both from Goat and TikTok.


After extensive analysis of our initial launch campaign, we’ve been able to review what has been successful so far and what could be more effective in terms of paid media and content for the next campaign. Now we’ve generated awareness of YourZooki in the US market, we can look to optimize on our existing learnings and insights to move followers further down the consumer funnel, towards consideration and eventually acquisition.

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Written by: Niamh Kelly

Senior Campaign Manager at The Goat Agency