Top Food and Drink Brands on TikTok and What They're Getting Right

In this exclusive Goat Report, we compare 10 food and drink brands to uncover how they "hook" and "hold" attention on TikTok.


The challenges facing food & drink brands on social

Analysis of 10 food and drink brands on TikTok

How they're "hooking" and "holding" attention

Learnings to apply to your own TikTok strategy

10 food and drink brands. 10 different strategies. 1 BIG thing in common…

They have all repeatedly “hooked” and “held” attention on TikTok.

So how can other food and drink brands create a winning recipe for success on the world’s fastest-growing app? Get our latest report to find out!

From social-first challengers to global household names, we’ve analyzed these 10 brands’ strategies to uncover the biggest learnings and most effective solutions. We’ve then applied this knowledge, overlaid with our own expertise as one of the world’s biggest social-first marketing agencies, to give you practical recommendations for elevating your own brand’s TikTok marketing.

From content formats and influencer campaigns, to jumping on trends (or starting their own), download it now and be inspired!