The Next Era of Influencer Marketing

In this exclusive Goat Report, we explore how brands can drive sales and conversions through influencer-led paid, retail media and social commerce.


The challenges facing brands in influencer marketing

What's next for the influencer industry?

Influencer-led paid, retail media and social commerce explained

Tips for 2024 planning

The influencer marketing industry has reached maturity.

No longer just considered an add-on, it’s now a key media channel driving results at every stage of the funnel.

But for many, influencer marketing is still viewed predominately as an awareness-driving channel. The challenge for brands is how to drive and demonstrate conversions, sales and ROI.

In this report, we’re exploring what’s coming next.

What do brands need to prepare for in 2024? How can they overcome the hurdles? And how can they drive increasing value through influencer?

Specifically, we examine how brands can do this through influencer-led paid media, influencer-led retail media, and social commerce (TikTok Shop).

This is an essential, comprehensive, but easily understandable, guide for brand marketers looking to make major steps in The Next Era of Influencer Marketing.