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BY: Content Creator 16/11/2023

The 42 Key Influencer Marketing Statistics You Need to Know in 2024

In a social era fuelled by clicks, likes, and follows, crunching the numbers is more than just a game—it's the secret sauce to mastering your brand's digital reach. Influencer marketing is no longer a buzzword; it's a thriving ecosystem with metrics that matter for 2024 and beyond. And with platforms ranging from Instagram to TikTok to YouTube to Twitch, the realm of influencer marketing is as diverse as it is influential. So, what are the key digits that can elevate your brand from being a wallflower to the belle of the social media ball? From the latest trends on TikTok and Instagram to the nitty-gritty of YouTube and Twitch, we've got you covered with 61 crucial social media marketing statistics you need to know ready for your 2024 campaign. Trust us, these figures aren't just for show; they're the building blocks of your next groundbreaking campaign. Ready to swap guesses for certainties? Let's get started.
BY: Content Creator 24/05/2023

The Top 9 Food Industry Influencer Marketing Campaigns in 2023

Looking for the best food influencer marketing campaigns? We’ve got you covered.  If you’re looking to nail your food marketing, you need to be looking at the right collaborations. Food influencers harness 5 times better results than the average a food or beverage brand achieves through in-house means only. So if you want to create major change in your marketing and see maximum results, you need to form targetted, creator-led food marketing strategies that deliver. So how do you know what works and what doesn’t? We’re offering a shortcut. These handpicked examples will inform, inspire and help you initiate your next food influencer campaigns. Ready? Let’s dig in.
BY: Content Creator 04/05/2023

The 10 Fashion Brands Crushing it on TikTok

Who are the top 15 fashion brands on TikTok, and why should you care? The video-first app has proved to be a game-changer for fashion brands time and time again. In fact #tiktokfashion has over 44.1 billion views on the platform.  So who’s making waves on this channel, and how can your brand take inspiration from them? Let’s unpack the top fashion brands on TikTok.
BY: Content Creator 17/04/2023

Social Media Advertising: Choosing the right platform and ads for your brand

Every brand needs to leverage social media advertising. But how do you know what platforms and ad formats are right for you? You need to build a strategy that leans into your strengths and utilises the right channels at the right time. We’re going to help you do exactly that.
BY: Content Creator 05/04/2023

The Power of Niche Marketing: How Brands Can Be More Successful By Avoiding Mainstream Marketing

In a very noisy world, it can be tough to rise above the competition. Finding the right niche to focus on is key.  You then need to nail it in all parts of your strategy to build brand loyalty and maximise ROI. That goes for both your overall marketing tactics and social media marketing. Where do you even start? We’re sharing what niching means and covering our insider tips for building credibility within your ideal market on social media We’ve also doubled down with some best-in-class niche marketing examples to inspire you.