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May 4, 2023

The 10 Fashion Brands Crushing it on TikTok

Who are the top 15 fashion brands on TikTok, and why should you care? The video-first app has proved to be a game-changer for fashion brands time and time again. In fact #tiktokfashion has over 80.2 billion views on the platform. 

So who’s making waves on this channel, and how can your brand take inspiration from them? Let’s unpack the top fashion brands on TikTok. 

Fashion Influencers Showcasing Their Outfits On Tiktok


High Street Fashion Brands

Small Fashion Brands

Luxury Fashion Brands

Footwear Fashion Brands

Global Fashion Brands

Ethical Fashion Brands

Brands Not Doing So Well

High Street Fashion Brands

High Street brands have discovered how to utilize TikTok to build genuine engagement with their fans. Here are the ones doing it brilliantly.

1. Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie has firmly established their brand on TikTok, and it’s clear to see they’re getting users on board. With 141K followers, they’ve built a targeted fan base who come back for their content. Their videos consist of styling tips, hauls, and showing off their products, often collaborating with influencers. They’ve also made every video unmistakably theirs. 

Why does their content work?

Abercrombie hasn’t just decided to put random videos of their clothing out there. They’ve thought about how to make their content relatable to their target demographic. Since they’re marketing to people in their 20s/millennials, creating on-brand engaging content for them was key. They’ve built a culture of humor, honesty, and authenticity. Sometimes that doesn’t even include showing off the product, like in this hilariously familiar video. 

2. American Eagle

When you think of classic denim, American Eagle always comes to mind. They know what they’re about in terms of aesthetics and have leaned into their all-American vibe. This includes videos of their products as well as behind-the-scenes snapshots of staff. 

Why does their content work?

American Eagle has gone full pelt with the all-American feel, including influencers. They haven’t just partnered with any influencer; they’ve found the ideal collaborations making sure their values are the same. Note they aren’t just working with the biggest influencers either. They’ve collaborated with @alixearle and micro-influencer @sophiesargent19. They’re teaching brands the lesson that “the bigger, the better” isn’t always the case. They’ve mixed high-visibility brand awareness campaigns with smaller influencer content that drums up mega-engagement.


didn’t you hear? cuffed #AEjeans are here and we are giving the ✨perfect✨ fitspo for them 😌 shop the latest arrivals in store and online @ the 🔗 in our prof!

♬ original sound – American Eagle

Small Fashion Brands

It’s not just the big fish that are thriving in the TikTok pond. Smaller fish are getting a massive chunk of the action when they do it right.

3. Jazzy Garms

This independent clothing brand has leaned into its central selling point. Rave-worthy fits. Showing off their colorful garments has got people talking, sharing, and eventually buying. 

Why does their content work?

The beauty of this brand is that they have a very specific USP. And they lean into it a lot on TikTok. Because their products are so highly visual, they have created eye-popping content to show them in full color, literally. Since a “before and after” video of one of their dresses went viral, they soon realized this was something to repeat. What makes them so successful? They’ve clearly learned from their analytics that certain types of content work for them and used them to their advantage. 


okay we’re obsessed with @tiffffyyy in the neotribe unitard😭 what a vibe #raveoutfit #ravewear #drumsheds #drumshedslondon #warehouseproject #whp

♬ Kill The Lights – [IVY]

4. Snag tights

This tights company has started making real moves in the TikTok world. They market their products as both gorgeous and comfy. The content they create shows this too. They will post about both their stunning designs and the comfort they provide. 

Why does their content work?

Snag tights have made their content truly inclusive, showing all different kinds of bodies. This is especially important for brands now. More than 8 in 10 consumers say they would like apparel brands and retailers to offer additional fits and sizes. The beauty of doing this on TikTok is you can visually celebrate all bodies regardless of shape, size, gender, skin, or disability. And through collaborating with a range of different influencers, plus their own brand’s models, they’ve done exactly that. 

@snagtights Snags are the secret to comfy and stylish outfits! So order yours today! #snags #snagtights ♬ original sound – Snag Tights

Luxury Fashion Brands

Luxury brands are looking to TikTok more and more. Some are becoming pros at it too. Here’s how.

5. Gucci

With a more is more approach, you’d be hard-pressed to ignore Gucci on TikTok. Their OTT profile aesthetic and off-the-wall ideas have made serious waves on the app. From catwalk snippets and premium visuals to off-the-cuff humor and igniting trends, they deserve their 3 million followers. 

Why does their content work?

Gucci is arguably the leading luxury brand on TikTok. But it’s not just because of their products. They think outside the box regarding content, pushing the boundaries of luxury fashion while staying grounded through beautiful visuals. Through unexpected influencer collaborations like the train enthusiast @francis.bourgeois and pottery expert @speckledbrownie they have built a TikTok empire of valued fans. 

@speckledbrownie #ad Throwing a vase #MakeItGucci ♬ Make It Gucci – Gucci
@gucci All aboard! 🚂 @Francis Bourgeois for #TheNorthFacexGucci. @Highsnobiety @thenorthface #AlessandroMichele ♬ suono originale – Gucci

6. Dior

With their infamous aesthetic and inspirational marketing, Dior has put their footprint on TikTok. They share exclusive ads and celebrity collaborations on the channel, plus snippets of their collections. 

Why does their content work?

The French fashion house took their SS21 fashion show live to TikTok during the pandemic. This was a bold move but has actually paved the way to deeper engagement on the app today. Now you can see a lot of Dior’s fashion show content through TikTok and it’s keeping fans coming back for more. 

Footwear Fashion Brands

These brands have taken a big step on TikTok. You should definitely keep an eye on their movements. 

7. UGG

The original unisex sheepskin boot brand first dipped their toe into the pool of TikTok back in April 2021. Since then they’ve been making dynamic, interesting and fun content to engage their viewers. 

Examples Of Uggs Tiktok Video Content Displayed On Phone Screens.

Why does their content work?

UGG understand trends, and are even starting to create their own. “Cool people wear UGGs” is a strapline that the brand encouraged creators, celebrities and models to say in all sorts of videos.


@Cardi B and @OFFSET Set It Off in UGG. Let’s just say some of their answers were Bongos. 🎥: @ofbecomingus #UGG #FeelsLikeUgg #NewYork #NYC #Hypebeast #FeelHouse #HBXNewYork #CardiB #Offset

♬ original sound – UGG®

Global Fashion Brands

Larger brands are entering the world of TikTok globally. Their creatives and strategy are definitely worth watching.

8. Amazon Fashion

Since Amazon provide a range of fashion choices, they’ve started using TikTok to seriously show them off. Their profile is full of trends, hauls and real people trying on outfits. Each video is labeled to make the content as easy as possible to understand before you even watch it. 

Why does their content work?

Amazon fashion has discovered the #tiktokmademebuyit trend and is showcasing it’s products in authentic, influencer-led ways. One partnership with @cydsimone was made to look like a video taken directly from her phone. She showcased her Amazon fashion finds and made it look completely authentic. Then other collabs have been more about styling advice and tips. Just look at how @inmyseams gives fashion color advice. The point is, every single video they do feels real. No overselling, no pushing products. Just simple style ideas and outfit inspo. 

@inmyseams EVERYTHING from @amazonfashion #brownoutfits 🤎 #outfitideas #founditonamazon #amazonfashion #ad ♬ bayside by obskur – MODELS WORLD

Ethical Clothing Brands

9. Sezane

With ¾ of the materials in their current collections being eco-friendly, Sezane are edging into the ethical world of fashion, and their TikTok channel is thriving. They’ve run with the idea of “giving back” within a lot of their content, as well as a sprinkling of style advice and ideas. 

Why does their content work?

Sezane showcases real people in real environments. They ask people questions in the street and even gift things to lucky individuals they meet. These videos feel seriously authentic and are definitely positive. Since the top reason people come to TikTok is listed as “to lift my spirits”, this is a winning combination. 

@sezane Another gift ✨ who’s next ? #sezane #sezanelovers #gift #cadeau #brusselsshopping ♬ son original – Series_Mania_Festival

10. Lucy and Yak

The colorful branding of Lucy and Yak is only a snippet of what they offer. With ethical roots and a promise to treat anyone involved with their company fairly, you can imagine their TikTok is bursting with do-gooders and happy content. 

Why does their content work?

Although relatively new to the TikTok scene, Lucy and Yak are already getting involved in all the app has to offer. For them, sounds are the top source of inspo. They know that trending sounds can make viewership explode and boost brand awareness. So they’ve taken some of the top audio on TikTok and made them their own. That’s the most crucial part. You need to make sure that any sound you use works for your brand. Each one they’ve worked into their content seamlessly integrates with their ethos and colourful vibes. 

Take inspo, then make it your own

These brands are the cream of the crop when it comes to TikTok, and you should definitely be taking a page out of their book. But remember, one size really doesn’t fit all when it comes to social media strategies. So make sure you’re thinking about your core offering and how best to put it out there on TikTok. 

Need some help with that? Get in touch to discover how we can help you build powerful TikTok campaigns backed by influencers. 

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