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BY: Harriet Phillips 18/08/2023

Instagram Algorithm 2023 – How can brands use this to their advantage? 

The Instagram algorithm has perplexed social media marketers and content creators for some time. How exactly does it work? And what steps can we take to ensure our content is ranking well on the platform? Adam Mosseri issued an update on the Instagram algorithm back in June, providing more insight into the common misconceptions, and how Instagram actually works. So, how does Instagram work? Let’s find out.
BY: Harriet Phillips 17/08/2023

The 5 Best Travel Brands on Instagram (and what you can learn from them)

What makes the best travel brands on Instagram “the best”? Why are they so successful? And what can your brand learn from them? In a world where people actually prioritize travel over apparel, you need to know how to get consumers to view and engage with your content over others. Here, that’s what we’re diving into, plus giving you new insights into their strategies, so you can learn from the actual best and ace your social media game.
BY: Harriet Phillips 28/07/2023

Luxury Brands on TikTok – The 5 Brands Making an Impact in 2023

TikTok is a HUB for entertainment. In fact, “entertainment” is ranked as the most popular category on the platform. What comes to mind when you picture entertainment on TikTok? Dance trends? Movies broken down into 87 parts? What about Luxury brands? Luxury brands on TikTok may seem like the odd one out... it's not. The luxury industry feels more editorial, serious, and curated than the average TikTok. But some luxury brands are cracking the code and letting the algorithm do their bidding. We’re going to take you through each one and what makes their TikTok strategy stand out. So you can take inspiration for your own social strategy and ultimately win over the platform's hyper engaged audience.
BY: Harriet Phillips 19/07/2023

The Importance of Live Stream Marketing for Brands

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, it’s getting harder to foster genuine relationships with your audience.  Businesses are actively searching for ways to truly connect. In a world full of paid ads, and with most people distrusting brands, the options are becoming limited.  That’s why live stream marketing is gaining traction. Brands of all sizes are beginning to realize the power of real-time video engagement, with pioneers reaping immense rewards. As a brand, understanding the importance of live streaming as a marketing strategy will be pivotal for your growth and development in the digital space. But you need to know how to play the live-stream game correctly to build meaningful relationships with your audience. So what is it, how does it work, and how can you utilize it? Let’s explore it all.
BY: Harriet Phillips 14/07/2023

The 12 Best Beverage Brands Crushing Their Instagram Account Marketing

Beverage brands are getting fresh on Instagram. The ones who have found their sweet spot are winning the social media marketing game. But what does it mean to be among the best beverage brands on Instagram?  There isn’t a one-can-fits-all strategy here. Each individual brand has its own plan and clever marketing know-how. We’re going to open them up and show you exactly who’s causing a stir. Plus, we’ll be telling you exactly what you can learn from them so you can shake up your own marketing strategy for the better. Feeling thirsty? Let’s dive in.
BY: Harriet Phillips 11/07/2023

Do Instagrams New Reminder and Search Result Ads Make it More Powerful for Social Media Marketing?

Meta is constantly changing their social media ad game. This time, it's all about two new ad formats on Instagram - ads in search results and reminder ads. These developments present new opportunities for marketers and open up many doors for businesses looking to engage their audiences. Brands can now reach consumers in never-before-accessed areas (like someone’s phone lock screen).  So does this mean that Instagram will become more powerful with its advertising?
BY: Harriet Phillips 26/06/2023

Full Funnel Influencer Marketing: How Your Brand Can Drive Results at Every Stage

Many marketers still think of influencer marketing as a brand awareness driver only. But as the channel has evolved, it’s increasingly become a powerful tool for driving action and results at every stage of the funnel, from awareness and consideration, to conversion and even advocacy.
BY: Harriet Phillips 09/06/2023

The Impact of a TikTok Ban: What Brands Need to Know

The threat of a TikTok ban has been circling the news for a while now. Since 2016, the video-first app has surmounted over 1 billion users. It’s massively popular, and brands everywhere have been utilizing its engaging format to create highly successful marketing campaigns. So can something this influential really be banned? 
BY: Harriet Phillips 05/06/2023

The Top 16 Beauty Brands on Instagram in 2023

There are plenty of beauty brands on Instagram. But which ones are causing a stir?  This platform is the ideal backdrop for sparking trends, building relationships, and connecting with targeted audiences. So, how do you break the mold and start gaining traction on this popular channel? By learning from the best, of course.  We’re investigating the top beauty brands on Instagram in 2023, why they work, and what your brand can take from them.
BY: Harriet Phillips 02/09/2022

The Future of Search – Google’s Latest Updates Explained

Find out about the history of search engines and what Google's latest updates mean for the future of search!
BY: Harriet Phillips 30/08/2022

Social Media News Round Up #66: Google’s New Search Update Explained

Each week the Insights Team at The Goat Agency pull together the latest news from the social space in a weekly social media industry news round-up. This week we cover Google’s new search update, Andrew Tate being banned from social, YouTube and Twitter’s latest plans for podcasts and much more! Don’t forget you can follow
BY: Harriet Phillips 11/07/2022

Social Media News Round Up #59: Is TikTok Abandoning Live Commerce?

This week we cover TikTok potentially abandoning live commerce in Europe, Khaby Lame launching NFTs, Logan Paul's WWE contract + loads more social media stories!