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July 28, 2023

Luxury Brands on TikTok – The 5 Brands Making an Impact in 2023

TikTok is a HUB for entertainment. In fact, “entertainment” is ranked as the most popular category on the platform. What comes to mind when you picture entertainment on TikTok? Dance trends? Movies broken down into 87 parts? What about luxury brands?

Luxury brands on TikTok may seem like the odd one out… it’s not. The luxury industry feels more editorial, serious, and curated than the average TikTok. But some luxury brands are cracking the code and letting the algorithm do their bidding. We’re going to take you through each one and what makes their TikTok strategy stand out. So you can take inspiration for your own social strategy and ultimately win over the platform’s hyper engaged audience. 

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Luxury brands and Gen Z

Key takeaways from top luxury brands on TikTok

1. Louis Vuitton

Speaking of editorial, Louis Vuitton has landed firmly on the TikTok landscape and with 11.6 million followers, they’re definitely doing something right. Their content is beautifully curated, but this isn’t the only thing that’s drawing in followers. With a profile full of celebrity collaborations, it’s clear that they’ve embraced the serious power of influencer marketing. 

They made the announcement of appointing Pharrell Williams as their new Men’s Creative Director on the platform and have brought in millions of views on single videos of his work. And with further partnerships with celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jared Leto, Marcus Rashford, Naomi Campbell, and Lewis Hamilton, they are firmly labeling themselves as the luxury leaders in mega-influencers. 

Why their content works

It’s not just the fact that they’re collaborating with these stars that works; it’s the way they do it. Louis Vuitton builds hype. They know how to get people talking, and they lean into this before every main event. When they were announcing their partnership with Pharrell Williams, they dropped a teaser video of Jerrod Carmichael with Pharrell’s new song in the background. 

They’ve also gone all out on their collaborations. We’re not just talking about one or two celebrity endorsements. Louis Vuitton has doubled down on their affiliations with mega-influencers. The comments section definitely noticed. One user said, “HOW MANY CELEBRITIES IS ON THIS COLLECTION??”. But the important thing to learn here is that each and every celebrity they work with is right for Louis Vuitton. They align with their aesthetic, values and ideas. And that is the big takeaway here. If you can afford to use multiple creators for influencer marketing campaigns, make sure they are the perfect fit for your brand. 

2. Gucci

With over 3.9 million followers, Gucci are among the top followed luxury brands on TikTok. They haven’t got to that number on reputation alone. They have a consistent brand voice throughout their profile with snippets of their shows and other editorial content. But they have also leaned into the more human side of TikTok, getting real opinions and thoughts from celebrities and collaborating with influencers from a variety of backgrounds.

Why their content works

TikTok is all about face-first, authentic content. 64% of TikTok users say they can be their true selves on TikTok, while an average of 56% of TikTok users say they can post videos they wouldn’t post elsewhere. Gucci has leaned into this through their #Guccichime campaign, advocating for gender equality. Getting celebrities to talk about “what they chime for”, i.e. what they believe in, put them on a more intimate level with the viewers. Not only does the campaign have a good cause, but it gives their fans an opportunity to see stars in a more realistic and open setting. 

This realism is what makes their content work so well. It’s not just celebrities they’re working with, either. Gucci continuously partners with social influencers too. @bryanboy checked out their exhibition (and the brand posted it to their own account), and @guesstwins did a video for their feed too. Gucci is moving past the sole celebrity factor and branching out to creators with highly engaged followers, and it seems to be working wonders. 


Two totally, utterly opposite, totally different identical twin. @guesstwins1 #GucciTwinsburg #AlessandroMichele #MFW #GucciLoveParade #FashionForYou

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3. Moncler

Up there with the best luxury brands on TikTok, Moncler knows how to create hype. They have a loyal following of fans and have really developed a strong connection with Gen Z especially. They’ve done this through storytelling pieces, collaborations, and trends. And most importantly, they’ve tried to be ahead of the game in all of it. 

Why their content works

Moncler is definitely creative when it comes to TikTok tactics. In 2020 they went viral for their #bubbleup trend, with influencers like Charli D’Amelio and Bella Porch getting involved. 

It was a seriously successful campaign. The hashtag from the challenge drummed up over 7.7 billion views. 

Now Moncler has been playing with storytelling. Their newest campaign features Korean singer Hwang Minhyun, and a CGI character called a LOVOT, an adorable and affectionate roving robot. So they’re clearly leaning into their creativity. 

But what brands can really learn from Moncler is their engagement on these videos. You only have to go to their comments section to see that. Because they’ve built hype among a generation, that demographic has continued to advocate for them. So users everywhere are getting in on the conversation. In fact, the hashtag #moncler has over 1.2 billion views with young people everywhere talking about the brand. That’s what you need to be looking at. Influencer marketing doesn’t just have the power to drum up sales for a particular campaign. It can create a snowball effect and get a whole generation of consumers on board when done correctly. So think about working with influencers as the long-term game. Not just for short-term KPIs. 


Finding my bubble with unconventional household items. Join the #MONCLERBUBBLEUP challenge & show me how you bubble up 🤍 @moncler #ad #tiktokfashion

♬ Bubble (feat Ty Dolla $ign) – 24hrs

4. Breitling

This watch brand is actually the new kid on the block when it comes to TikTok. Their first post appeared in 2021, and since then, they’ve accumulated 135.8K followers. With surprisingly funny content and relatable posts, Breitling is pushing the boundaries on what it means to be a luxury brand on socials – and it’s working.

Why their content works

People want funny and relatable content on TikTok. If you can do that whilst still staying true to your brand, you’ll be winning. Breitling has created some unexpectedly funny posts, and this has led to the shock factor from viewers in the best possible way. 

On a meme-like post, one user commented: “A luxury watch company posted this 🤣”, and Breitling replied with “Who said luxury can’t be fun? 😏”. It’s an interesting take, but going against the flow in a world full of high-class editorial content can sometimes get you noticed even more (as long as you keep it within the brand guidelines, of course). 

Breitling is creating a whole new feel for their marketing, but somehow they are keeping their reputation through their other posts too. This mix is clever and clearly grabs people’s attention.

5. Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty has nailed the TikTok game. How? Their content is full of trending sounds, challenges and pure entertainment. They manage to show off their products with high-quality luxury visuals whilst still keeping it real through funny meme audios and funny trends. The best part, though? They are active. They never miss an opportunity to reply to comments and create more videos from their fan’s conversations. 

Why their content works

TikTok is all about community. 60% of TikTok users said they felt a sense of community while on the channel. Fenty Beauty taps into this perfectly. Some of the trends they jump onto (like this “rolling bottles downstairs” trend) have done wonders for their brand awareness, but where they really shine is how they interact with the viewers on every video. 

The takeaway here is that engagement can be just as important as awareness. That’s why micro-influencers and nano-influencers can be so effective for brands. They have a much higher engagement rate than mega influencers. It’s safe to say that Fenty Beauty didn’t miss this trick either, so it’s no surprise that they’re among the top luxury brands on TikTok. They’ve collaborated with influencers like @yvonnevictoria and @winniym, showing just how powerful niche influencer marketing can be. So keep your community thriving with regular conversations with your fans and the right kind of influencer partnerships. 


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Luxury Brands and Gen Z

Gen Z and Millennials will account for 70% of the global luxury market by 2025. Since TikTok is still a thriving hub for these generations (30.8% of TikTokers are aged 18 to 24). This is the place for luxury brands to get in front of them. 

TikTok is not just for the short term, though. Brands can use a multichannel approach with different social media outlets to find a loyal following who will keep coming back for more. TikTok is just part of the strategy. 

The platform is especially brilliant for igniting interest. Its short-form content interface can spark the attention of Gen Z fast. Then it’s up to you to bring them in for the long run. Get them engaging and bring them through to other channels to watch longer-form videos (like your collection runways on YouTube). Gen Z is looking for trust, ethical awareness and sustainability from brands going forward, so keep this in mind when building content for them. 

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Key takeaways from top luxury brands on TikTok

Now that we’ve seen them in action, what are the key takeaways from the top luxury brands on TikTok, and how can brands implement a similar strategy to engage Gen Z on TikTok? Here are our top three takes:

1. Stay authentic, but challenge the status quo

The Luxury industry has many connotations. But as new generations are becoming their main consumers, brands need to adapt their content to work. Jumping on trends, creating challenges, and knowing what’s hot will allow your socials to grow. The trick is doing all this whilst still staying true to your brand. Consistency is key, so don’t go too off-topic. Try utilizing TikTok sounds and challenges in a way that makes sense to your branding. The more creative, the better.

2. Collaborate with the right influencers

Of course, influencers mean investment. But when you get the right ones involved, the results go beyond basic metrics. Influencers build serious trust with your audience, and in a world where brands are relying on authenticity to stay connected to their customers, influencer marketing is a winning strategy (when implemented correctly). TikTok is a highly engaged platform for creators. In fact, it’s the most engaging social media platform, with an average engagement rate of 4.25%. When you build an influencer marketing campaign, TikTok can be a powerful tool to kick it off. 

3. Listen to your audience

TikTok is a brilliant listening tool. But often, this gets forgotten about. You can learn so much about your customers through the app and understand what they’re really looking for. The comments section is a place to not only engage with consumers but also hear what they have to say. Younger demographics are constantly looking for a change from Luxury brands, so to really delve deep into what that change might be, TikTok can help. Bridge that brand-to-customer gap and make luxury a more accessible topic to win over the youngest luxury consumers. 

How luxury brands are scaling using TikTok

TikTok may seem like the get-rich-quick scheme to virality. But it’s actually a useful platform to gain long-term customer acquisition and champion brand loyalty. Different platforms can be misunderstood, and a successful marketing strategy means using the right platforms at the right times and with the right creators. 

Are you a luxury brand looking to scale on TikTok? Check out our new report How 15 Luxury and Premium Brands are Taking on TikTok for a more in depth look at the luxury space on TikTok. In this exclusive Goat Report, we compare 15 luxury and premium brands on TikTok to find out how they’re approaching the platform, who’s getting it right, and what we can learn from them.

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