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October 31, 2023

The Top 5 TikTok Fashion Month Influencers in 2023

TikTok has become the ultimate bridge between consumers and fashion week. Of course, it’s a highly visual platform offering brands a perfect place to showcase their collections and interact with their audiences. 

Throughout 2023, #TikTokFashion and #BeautyTok global views have increased by 300%, bringing together one of the fastest-growing and dynamic communities on the platform. And the key word here is community. Fashion on TikTok is about conversation, collaboration, and creativity. It’s a place to not only show products but to connect with your audience on a deeper level. 

This year, it’s been more popular than ever with TikTok Fashion Month. 

Tiktok Fashion Month Promo Image

TikTok Fashion Month 2023

TikTok announced TikTok Fashion Month 2023 in the months of September and October. Here’s what they said: 

“From September 6 to October 3, join us and get your style on as we bring you the best fashion and beauty inspo, special moments on and off the runway, creators to watch, brands to love, and so much more.” 

Users were treated to live-streamed runways from luxury brands Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent, as well as top influencer-led content to keep their imaginations going. Vanessa Craft, Global Head of Lifestyle and Education, TikTok, stated the importance of the platform within Fashion in 2023:

“On TikTok, fashion and beauty go hand in hand with creativity, diversity and authenticity. It’s been incredible to see fashion and beauty creators achieve success on and beyond our platform. As we welcome Fashion Month, we are looking forward to inspiring our global community by bringing them closer to the runway, introducing unique experiences, and spotlighting fashion’s most talented voices- everything that’s shaping what’s trending tomorrow on TikTok and beyond.” 

In a world more connected than ever before, brands can bring their consumers to a front-row seat at a runway or show them never-before-seen behind-the-scenes action. TikTok has opened up a world of fashion entertainment. And with their introduction of TikTok Fashion Month, it’s more accessible than ever. 

To celebrate the impact of their global creator community, TikTok introduced the #TikTokFashion Collective: creators from around the world who are creatives, designers, and fashion thinkers shaping the future of fashion on TikTok and beyond.

These are the influencers your brand should be aware of if you want to get ahead. They are the ones to rethink fashion as we know it and lead your brand into a new era of fashion consumer trends. So let’s find out a little more about each and their impact on fashion month this year. 

Top 5 Influencers taking part in TikTok Fashion Month

1. @challxn

Challan, originating from Barbados, has marked her territory in the realms of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, gaming, modeling, and photography. Her meteoric rise on TikTok led her to elite platforms such as the Fenty Beauty House and the first-ever TikTok Black History Summit. Her authentic style, combined with her talent, made her a stand-out participant at NYFW.


We’re going to #TikTokFashion with @TikTok x @tiktok creators 🎀 LESGOOOOO

♬ original sound – Challan

Why should brands take note? 

Challan goes against the grain when it comes to fashion tropes. Her videos are eclectic and seriously authentic, with no filtered responses. We really see her personality shine through. And that’s what fashion brands need to lean into. You shouldn’t be shying away from unfiltered responses. You should be working with creators like this to build down-to-earth content that gets attention. During Fashion Month, TikTok took Challxn to a number of events, and she was invited to some of the top events of the week, too, including the IMG x UPS HBCU Runway Show. The coverage was filmed in a GRWM format and showed her getting ready all the way to the show itself. With 25k views, this authentic content is really smashing it. 


Y’all it’s our ‘official’ day one of fashion week! 🎀 get your luggage because we have to pack for it and then, go to the IMG x UPS HBCU Runway Show 🫡 LETS GOOOO @TikTok @tiktok creators #TikTokFashion

♬ original sound – Challan

2. @yungalyy

Aly is known for his fun fashion content, ranging from styling never-before-seen pieces to everyday #GRWM videos. He also invites his followers to experience events through his eyes, thanks to his “Come to this Event with Me” series.

Why should brands take note? 

Aly brings the creativity when it comes to styling. That’s what creators do best, right? During Fashion Month, he went to the Natasha Zinko event and posted a video of one of their outfits. This post got just under 60K views, and his fashion week GRWM videos were achieving hundreds of thousands of views. Not to mention the fact that Aly knows how to jump on trends. He utilized trending sounds and challenges during fashion month to build even more awareness. Understanding what trend to jump on and when is essential for any brand, and of course, creators know these instinctively. 


Honestly such an amazing show, this fit and bag was everthing @TikTok @tiktok creators @NATASHA ZINKO #tiktokfashion #londonfashionweek

♬ original sound – therealyemeatrider

LONDON FASHION WEEK FIT! We styled a kilt!! What y’all think?? #kilt #asaprockystyle #grwm #tiktokfashion

♬ Fashion Killa – A$AP Rocky

3. @trendycurvy

Kristine is the voice for every woman who aspires to be confident in her skin. On TikTok, she seamlessly blends fashion with empowerment, offering style inspiration and practical tips. Her mantra? “A curvy girl living in a trendy world”. This reinforces that fashion knows no size and that every individual can express themselves. 

Why should brands take note? 

Young people especially are looking for more inclusivity in fashion. And Fashion weeks at Paris, London, Milan, and New York routinely underrepresent plus-size models. Kristine is the person advocating for change and bridging that consumer gap. Brands need to be more sensitive to the world around them and what their customers want. So, collaborating with this kind of influencer will help educate the industry and be a guiding light for customers. 

The thing to note here, is that she actively called out brands who were talking the talk but not walking the walk. She talked about the brands who were showing up for curvy girls and the ones who weren’t. It’s a perfect example of how brands can’t just “say” inclusive things. They need to work with the right creators to win over their audiences. It won’t be easy but assessing your brand values and working with influencers who directly align with these is key to success. 


Here’s my little recap of some designers at NYFW. Still progress to be made #NYFW2023

♬ original sound – Ms Kristine

4. @definitelytai

Tai brings a fresh perspective to fashion, melding it with his impeccable video editing skills. Recognised for pioneering the “Outfit Walk Challenge”, Tai’s influence stretches beyond his half a million followers. Collaborating with giants like Nike, Levi’s, and Calvin Klein, he’s an embodiment of how creativity can transcend boundaries and redefine fashion narratives.

Why should brands take note?

This isn’t just a creator who jumps on trends. This is someone who creates them. Tai is a trendsetter. His content serves as a lesson to brands. That lesson is to listen to creators and take on board their knowledge of what’s trending and what isn’t. Creators should be working with brands, not for brands. It’s all in the collaboration. Tai is an incredible creator, styling stunning outfits and bringing innovation to his videos. @Crocs worked with him in the right way, allowing him to style his own outfit with their new shoes. During NYFW he was invited to the COS runway event and styled a COS outfit beforehand in the only way he knows how – creatively. 

5. @izzipoopi

Montreal’s own Izzi stands out with her captivating GRWM videos. Her “wet dry dress” purchase became an internet sensation and her videos are popular throughout. Presenting unique and trendsetting fashion pieces she shows her outfits in a fun, excited manner with infectious humour. With a following of 1.3 million, her collaborations with luxury brands like Gucci and Fendi are a testament to her influence and the seamless union of high fashion with the digital world.

Why should brands take note?

Fashion brands have historically felt at a distance with audiences. With the rise of influencer marketing, that’s all changing. Izzi doesn’t just understand her audience, she’s besties with them. Her iconic try on videos often end with her asking her followers what they think or which outfit she should wear. This interaction is bringing brands closer and closer to their audiences. Izzi partnered with Kate Spade for fashion week (and before) showing off some iconic pieces. But within every Kate Spade promotional video she is interacting with her audience on a personal level. You can check the comments section to see just how conversational it is. Brands need to make long-term partnerships like this to continually make it into consumers’ feeds and get onto the same level as them. 

What can fashion brands learn from TikTok Fashion Month?

Influencer marketing is making a huge impact on fashion, and that’s not about to change. People are looking for more interaction with fashion brands, and they want to have a front-row digital seat. Influencers give them that. Through LIVEs, GRWM videos and authentic content, people are getting an insider view of fashion weeks across the world. 

But creators shouldn’t be seen as an addition for brands. They should be seen as an intrinsic part of high fashion marketing. You just need to head to the comments section of TikTok videos to see how impactful influencers are during fashion month.

In 2023, the brands that truly resonated with their audience were those that collaborated closely with influencers. They built unique, compelling content that transcended mere product promotions. The big takeaway from all of this? Partnering with the right influencers, allowing them to be creative, and inviting them to exclusive events is key to winning during Fashion Month. 

Was TikTok Fashion Month a success?

Short answer: absolutely. The staggering increase in views for #TikTokFashion and #BeautyTok is evidence enough to show how influential Fashion Month on TikTok was. The platform transformed the traditional, exclusive fashion week into a global event for all to see. 

But more than this, this event signifies a turning point for fashion brands. Influencers need to be taken seriously and allowed to speak openly. Brands that work closely with them and align their values will be ahead of the game. 

Fashion’s shift to influencer marketing is speeding up, and you don’t want to be left behind. From the authentic voice of @challxn to the engaging interactions of @izzipoopi with her audience, these influencers are the vanguard of the industry’s future.

For brands aiming to stay relevant, it’s crucial to recognize the value of this platform and its community. It’s not merely about displaying a new collection; it’s about embracing these influential voices, fostering creativity, and genuinely connecting with the audience.

With the conclusion of this year’s TikTok Fashion Month, it’s time to consider: is your brand truly embracing this shift? If you need more guidance, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch to find out how we can transform your fashion influencer marketing for the better. 

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