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May 3, 2024

10 Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands on TikTok 

With each passing day TikTok cements its position as the ultimate engine for creative and impactful marketing.

Kantar’s 2023 Media Reactions report rated TikTok as the #1 platform for ad equity (for the 4th year running). It also ranked 1st for its ability to grab attention, through ratings determined based on feedback from both marketers and consumers.

Has TikTok cracked the ultimate code of marketing? Brands are tapping into a vast, decentralized well of creativity fed by a fast-growing influencer class, and marketing is increasingly fun, unique and seamlessly integrated with ‘organic’ content.

By all accounts, users are actively enjoying being marketed to. They seek out and rely on their chosen influencers for guidance on lifestyle product choices, cheering them on with each new brand partnership.

While consumer packaged goods (CPG) is an incredibly varied segment, TikTok offers uniformly attractive results. Brands can easily position themselves in the eyeline of their target audiences, discover dozens of creative routes to cultivate brand awareness, and yield impressive sales results for each dollar of marketing spend.

Why TikTok is the place for CPG brands

Unlike Facebook or Instagram, TikTok is a lean machine built for viral trends. It’s an all-video platform, almost exclusively short form, with infinite scroll – making it super digestive and quite addictive.

The TikTok algorithm is geared towards shining the spotlight on creators or topics as they gain traction, creating a constantly crashing wave of newly trending content. Not only that, but its ‘For You Page’ offers powerful personalization and accurate targeting based on users interests and consumption habits.

TikTok is built around personalities. It’s human led. As well as being a home for lifestyle advice, tips and tricks, dances and comedy, it also allows users to form relationships with their favorite creators.

All of this comes together to make TikTok an incredibly effective way to organically market products and build brand awareness. By engaging with an almost limitless supply of influencer talent, the masters of attention acquisition, brands can truly integrate into the fabric of the platform rather than relying on traditional ads or uninteresting corporate content.

1. Nivea

What they did

Nivea consistently engages with influencers from across skincare and beauty, making them the literal face of the brand across TikTok.

These paid partnerships take the form of new product reviews and explainers, ‘get ready with me’ videos, and daily routine advice.

As well as supporting influencer content through their own channels, Nivea publishes a range of influencer-led content directly through their official brand TikTok account.

Why it worked

Influencer content allows Nivea to address a number of key challenges in marketing its products.

Firstly, with creators like @abis_skincare (72.6K followers) Nivea can educate audiences on new products, explaining potentially complicated ingredients and their functions in a way that’s clear and relatable.

By integrating influencer content into their official account, Nivea blurs the line between the brand and its ambassadors, integrating itself into the fabric of the influencer landscape and developing its reputation for authenticity.

Nivea works with tried and tested influencer content formulae, like ‘get ready with me’ or ‘how to get that glowy skin’, but through it all is a clear, down-to-earth style that reflects the brand’s focus on health and authenticity.

The influencers chosen by the brand tend towards ‘no filter’, wellness and body positivity, with a wide range of skin colors, ages and body types represented across its content. As a result, Nivea has found a way to massively diversify its marketing channels while ensuring that each and every influencer partnership reinforces its brand character.


#ad using NIVEA’s Q10 Energy to brighten the start to my day ✨ Now half price at @Superdrug! #NIVEA #NIVEAQ10ENERGY

♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

Is it a filter? Is it make-up? Nope – it’s just the power of a daily NIVEA summer skincare routine!     Q10 and Vitamin C allows your skin to easily regenerate and remain healthy, refreshed and eternally glowy.  NIVEA Soft deeply moisturizes your skin without leaving you with a sticky feeling.  NIVEA Sun protects your skin from UV rays and prevents dark spots.   Don’t forget to drink lots of water, stick to your daily skincare and have loads of fun this summer! 💦☀️😎 #HowDoYouNIVEA #glowyskin #sunprotection

♬ Originalton – NIVEA

2. Durex

What they did

Durex, one of the world’s sexual health brands, wanted to educate everyone on the fact that its condoms come in three width sizes.

This was a challenge – firstly, due to the sexual nature of the product and TikTok’s policies against explicit content. Secondly, because explaining a product range related to girth can be slightly awkward to approach!

Durex called in the influencers to take on this challenge, resulting in a range of comedic and surprisingly authentic content from the likes of @lukedonkin, @joemarler17 and @shxtsngigs.

Why it worked

@lukedonkin surprised his audience with a skit that runs through the frustration of things not fitting properly – a shoe that’s too small, trousers that are too big, trying to get a bike into a small car boot – before cutting to a pack of Durex and declaring “because when it fits right, it feels right”.

It’s the perfect allegory to help viewers understand the discomfort of an ill-fitting condom, in a way that’s certain to stick in the mind and get a laugh.

Rugby Union player @joemarler17 was another great influencer choice for this campaign, as a popular figure and role model to men and women alike. In an engaging piece-to-camera, complete with self-deprecating humor, he demystified the product range and did away with the embarrassment that some consumers might experience in thinking about or discussing condom fit.

Together, these influencers accurately target the male audience that are most likely to benefit from this information, educating users on the product range and their benefits in a humorous, supportive, and ultimately empowering way.


I often get asked does size really matter 👀. It’s a no from me 🥱, it’s all about the fit. Fit matters – find your fit. Always read the instructions ✅ @Durex_UK #fitmatters #durex #AD RB-M-106395

♬ original sound – Joe Marler

3. Warheads

What they did

Warheads teamed up with fast food chain Hungry Jack’s to create a range of sweet and super sour frozen drinks. To promote it, they coined the hashtag #Surivethesour, issuing a challenge to customers to see if they could handle the intense flavor sensations on offer.

To promote the new collaboration, Warheads partnered with Australian influencers like @tannar and @heathkirls to create a range of funny videos around the products.

Why it worked

The Hungry Jack’s x Warheads Sour Bursties drinks are all about the product experience – by putting it in the hands of influencers to run with, audiences were able to get as close as possible to the experience without actually drinking it themselves.

From the famously crazy facial expressions people make when they have a super-sour Warhead product, to shots of the delicious looking beverages themselves, this is content designed to make your mouth water.

@heathkirls dropped a great skit that explored the different personality types around having sour things – from ‘the tough one’ to ‘the crier’ and ‘the liar’, this post got great engagement as viewers tagged friends and discussed which personality they were.

By letting creators run with the product, Warheads was able to benefit from a range of truly fun content around this novelty beverage – laying the perfect groundwork to inspire audiences to go out and recreate their own versions of these influencer experiences.


#ad Pranking my friends with the new Hungry Jack’s x WARHEADS Sour Bursties in Frozen Sour Drinks to see if they can #SurvivetheSour @Hungry Jack’s #ad

♬ original sound – tannar

4. Rhode

What they did

Hailey Bieber’s Rhode skincare brand has had a meteoric ascent into the beauty industry, with its products selling out in record time and customers around the world begging for it to be distributed in certain stores or regions.

Rhode is keenly aware of the power of influencer marketing, reflected in the huge cast of fashion, beauty, modelling and internet personality influencers that feature on its official account and a consistent flow of paid partnership content.

Rhode works with a broad mix of influencers, from TikTok household names like Leah Halton (@looooooooch, 9.4M followers) to rising stars like @bellarmrz (720.9K followers). Of course, having Hailey Bieber herself and her 12.4M followers regularly promoting the range doesn’t hurt either.

Why it worked

As well as the usual range of product demo and skincare routine videos, Rhode are generating products specifically designed to grab viral trend attention.

They created a Rhode phone case, distinctive not only for its on-brand grey color palette, but the bespoke slot built into it to hold a Rhode lip gloss. While its practicality (and availability) are questionable, there’s no denying that this audacious product has caused a buzz online.

Whether it’s through paid partnerships with some of the most popular skincare or beauty influencers out there, or by creating new opportunities for customers to demonstrate their brand loyalty, Rhode are doing a fantastic job of making their skincare range not only a lifestyle – but an identity.


springtime makeup with @Alissajanay 🌤️🦋🌸 ♡ skin prep with glazing milk, glaze + brc ♡ bright pop of color on the eyes ♡ lip tint in shade ribbon

♬ original sound – rhode skin

5. Cif

What they did

As a leading brand of cleaning products, Cif faces constant competition from budget products and other competitors in the space. It’s essential for them to develop excellent brand awareness and cultivate loyalty among new and existing consumers alike.

There’s no better way to demonstrate their product and build brand awareness than to show it in action, transforming dirty and grease-lined sinks, hobs and other surfaces into sparkling landscapes. These aren’t the laboratory surfaces that you know from cleaning product adverts, but the real homes of an impressive range of influencers.

Why it worked

Cif recognized the potential of tapping into niche but wildly popular TikTok subcultures like #CleanTok and #SundayReset, dedicated to satisfying cleaning routines and product comparisons.

Partnering with everyone from alternative model @connorckern (2.6M followers) to dedicated ASMR-style lifestyle channels like @mr.harry.white (126.2K followers), Cif have well and truly integrated their brand into the cleaning lifestyle scene.


Sunday Reset, my favourite day of the week and the perfect day to prepare for the week ahead! #CleanTok #CifSquad #Domestos #PersilUltimate @Cleanipedia #AD

♬ Love My Control – LRN Slime & Shiloh Dynasty

6. Starface

What they did 

Starface could be the most decorative way to deal with unwanted spots and pimples. The brand developed “Hydro-Stars”; hydrocolloid pimple patches that absorb fluid from spots, keep out bacteria, and work to speed up recovery. It just so happens that once they’re applied, they make for a pretty cool selfie. 

Its fitting that Starface is the star of its own show, over on TikTok. The unique container features in almost every video, where it throws on a blend of content that combines cuteness with creativity. 

Like most of its fanbase, we’ve become obsessed with what the Starface storage box is up to. When our main character isn’t starring in Sylvanian Drama TikTok’s, it’s creating content that we can all relate to.


the road 2 being a successful artist is a lil different than i expected @sylvaniandrama 💫 #starface

♬ Eyes Like Blue Skies (Instrumental) – SoulChef

Why it worked

Main character energy, the feeling of being in control of your own narrative and embracing your uniqueness. Starface is giving main character energy. 

By giving the brand a persona that TikTokers can resonate with, Starface positions itself as a creator, rather than a brand. They follow similar trends, and day-in-the-life style content that is synonymous with popular TikTok creators, but it has its own unique feel. 

Starface isn’t just participating in trends for the sake of it, they’re controlling the narrative, embracing uniqueness – they’re the main character. 

7. Mountain Dew

What they did 

Mountain Dew is a staple in any household across the US, it’s a beverage enjoyed by many, but known by all. You know another brand that holds a similar weight? Doritos. 

How convenient is it the Mountain Dew linked up with Doritos on TikTok as part of its #HavingaBlast campaign, raising awareness for its new Baja Blast flavor range. 

The combination mixed two flavors of Mountain Dew with Doritos fiery mango chips (around the rim, not in the drink) to create a refreshing summer beverage, with a bite to it. 

If a collab with Doritos wasn’t enough, Mountain Dew threw Slurpee’s name into the mix. Mountain Dew is a brand for the people, and what do people like to do on a hot day? They head into a convenience store to fill a waist bag full of Mountain Dew flavored Slurpee. 


This counts as a cup, right? #BYOCupDay @Slurpee

♬ original sound – Mountain Dew

Why it worked

There’s something fun about seeing brands connect with each other on social, in the way that everyday users do. Brands like Doritos, Mountain Dew, and plenty of others in the food vertical, all comment on each other’s videos. 

It’s interesting to see these brands working together, all for the benefit of the food and drink community. These brands are actively participating in the community, cultivating relationships, and building their audiences, which are all features of a great creator. 

If you want to see how multi-billion dollar brands are humanizing, head over to the Mountain Dew TikTok channel. 

8. Smart Water

What they did 

Zendaya. Need we say more. 

Smart Water like to go big with their partnerships. One look across their TikTok channel, you’ll find content featuring Pete Davidson, and Zendaya, arguably two of the biggest celebrities around. 

The content is simplistic, although Zendaya’s outfit is iconic. In six seconds, she says “could Smart Water be an accessory? I think it’s a necessity.” and then its over. 

In another video with Smart Water, Zendaya appears for another six seconds, saying “What if the plan was having no plan….refreshing.”  

12 seconds of content in total. Now you might think that the campaign wasn’t a success, but a combined 170M+ views would say otherwise. Comments like “Zendaya drinks water, I drink water.” only emphasize the effectiveness.


good taste goes with everything

♬ original sound – smartwater

Why it worked

Go big or go home? A question as old as time itself. While there isn’t always a right answer, there are certainly cases in which going bigger is better, or at least it works. 

In Smart Water’s case, they went all in on Zendaya, one of the most iconic names on the planet, as opposed to activating multiple smaller influencers. When you’re as influential as Zendaya, it’s hard to go wrong, and from the comments, we can gather that Smart Water won over a lot of new customers thanks to the actress. 

9. Axe

What they did 

On TikTok, Axe body spray is all about proving that it isn’t a fragrance for middle schoolers, while creating content that resonates with middle schoolers, which is pretty entertaining. 

Axe recently took shots at Tom Ford, conducting a survey that found 7/10 men prefer Axe’s black vanilla fragrance over the luxury brand’s tobacco vanille scent.  This was relayed on their TikTok with a slideshow of the “distracted boyfriend” meme, depicting the male preference towards Axe body spray. 

Of all the iconic outfits featured at the Met Gala, it was Axe Blue Lavender that stole the show over Camilla Cabillio and her frozen rose clutch, and JLO’s sparkling Schiaparelli number. Of course a lifesize Axe can didn’t attend the gala, but this is the sort of meme style content that resonates with the brands consumers. 

Why it worked

Memes are the bread and butter of TikTok, especially among young males on the platform. 

Axe’s pursuit of humor at every turn is exactly what keeps the brand ticking over on TikTok, and it’s the format that most closely resembles their target demographic.

Not only do they put out the type of content that resonates, they’re also speaking the same language as their target audience – words like “bro” and “fr” (for real) are staples within their content, and it’s how they’re connecting with the right audiences. 

10. Marmite

What they did 

Marmite is a brand that truly divides opinion – you either love it, or you hate it. 

So how does Marmite bridge the gap between lovers and detesters? On TikTok they launched #MarmiteFirstTimers, a content series where influencers voiced their “icks”, and created funny content around the stereotypes linked to the brand. 


Not everyone gets their first time right. Dare to try again? #MarmiteFirstTimers

♬ original sound – Marmite

So for anyone that chases after things in the wind, unties their laces before taking their shoes off, and has never tried Marmite, head over to the Marmite TikTok because there’s shade being thrown your way. 

Why it worked

Marmite’s whole persona is based upon love and hate. There simply is no middle ground, or people who “don’t mind” yeast extract. 

Marmite’s TikTok strategy takes this into account, generating content around the brand’s stereotypes, and not being afraid to poke fun at them. 

Whether you love or hate Marmite, their TikTok certainly has something for everyone to enjoy. 

Concluding thoughts

In this internet age, TikTok functions much like the prized ‘eye level’ display of traditional brick-and-mortar shops. It places your products right in front of relevant audiences and, with easy links to online stores and purchase pages, makes selling faster and easier than ever.

But, with the advent of influencer marketing, it’s become even more than that. TikTok influencers deliver all the power of word-of-mouth marketing, but to exponentially larger audiences.

TikTok users build an ecosystem of content creators that they love and identify with, and are supported by a powerful algorithm that tirelessly brings more of what they like to their doorstep. As a result, brands who can engage with relevant influencers – or make a statement by breaking the mold – will be richly rewarded across brand awareness and ongoing sales.

It’s also clear that TikTok offers the tools required to launch nearly any kind of campaign, whether it’s promoting a specific product line or embedding a brand into the cultural zeitgeist. This flexibility, and the ever-changing social media cultural landscape, makes it an exciting sandbox for CPG brands to explore in search of huge marketing wins.

Looking for new ways to show your product to the world or place it at the heart of the next viral trend?

See how we got over 23M impressions and 4.6M engagements for the Nivea Q10 range across Meta and YouTube, or drop us a line to start discovering your next influencer success story.

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