Case Study: Nivea Q10 Power

We helped Nivea put its Q10 power range at the forefront of people's minds through engaging, educational, and digestible influencer content


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Overall we drove 4.6M Engagements
23M Impressions across all influencer content

Campaign Content

Using skincare experts and beauty influencers, we focused on educating audiences and raising awareness for the Q10 ingredient.

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The Challenge

Nivea challenged us to drive awareness around the Q10 ingredient, and the wider Q10 Power range (targeted towards 35-65 year olds). Their brief was centered around educating the Nivea target audience about core ingredients.

The Solution

Our four-week campaign ran in three phases focused on creating awareness, consideration and finally, long-term brand building. In phases 1 & 2, we partnered with skincare experts and lifestyle/beauty influencers to share information about the product, its ingredients and its skincare effects.. 

The campaign ran across Instagram, Meta and YouTube with a variety of content aimed at the relevant age demographic. We continuously test, learnt and optimized to the best performing. 

Phase 3 merged together a mix of lifestyle influencers and skincare experts to target both relevant audiences and continue to build the brand and product range’s credibility and customer base. 


The Goat team overachieved on all KPIs including an incredible 23 million impressions and 4.6 million engagements. Most importantly we hit the brief of getting the target audience to sit up and take notice of Q10! 




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4.6M Engagements
23M Impressions
39,921 Clicks
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