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June 19, 2024

Our Next London Event for Marketing Procurement Teams

Influencer is quickly becoming a bigger part of brand’s media spend. But how does the industry actually operate and what does this mean for the way that brands and agencies deliver campaigns?

We’re delighted to be hosting an exclusive networking event for procurement professionals within the marketing and advertising industry.

You’ll hear from nine industry experts, followed by an open panel discussion inviting you to ask all your burning questions! 

Stick around after the talk for a chance to mix and mingle over canapés, champagne, and cocktails!

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Time to find out how influencer marketing really works

Influencer is no longer just an add-on. It’s a powerful marketing tool worth over $24 billion, and showing no signs of slowing down.

But, as a relatively new media channel, procurement professionals often miss the information and operational details to make informed agency decisions. 

Have you ever wondered how the relationship between influencer agencies, creators and brands actually works? And how the influencer landscape has evolved since we first launched back in 2015? 

We’re launching this event to fill those gaps, stripping influencer back to its bare bones.

Our influencer industry experts will open with a talk answering your burning questions. How influencer marketing has evolved. How we work with creators. Our idea of success and we measure it.

What to expect

  • The evolution of influencer marketing: We look at how influencer has evolved over time, what this means for brands, and most importantly, what comes next.
  • What are you actually buying?: You’ll learn about how influencer agencies operate, from finding the right creators to campaign execution.
  • The influencer pricing model: Exclusive insights on how we contract influencers and manage influencers, plus how influencer agencies price their services.
  • LIVE brief: Saving the best until last, our influencer experts will unravel a live brief, showing you how we approach new projects from start to finish.

Find out more and sign up

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