The Prestige Factor: How 15 Luxury And Premium Brands Are Taking on TikTok

In this exclusive Goat Report, we compare 15 luxury and premium brands on TikTok to find out how they're approaching the platform, who's getting it right, and what we can learn from them.


The challenges facing luxury and premium brands on social

Analysis of 15 luxury and premium brands on TikTok

What is "The Prestige Factor" and how can brands achieve it (through TikTok)?

Learnings to apply to your own TikTok strategy

It’s estimated that by 2030, Gen Z and Gen Alpha will make up a third of the global luxury market (Bain & Company).

Luxury brands know they need to start building cultural relevance and customer loyalty amongst younger people, and a lot of this will be achieved through social media and influencers. However, when it comes to TikTok, many luxury and premium brands are struggling to find their place.

In this report, we analyse the TikTok strategies of 15 premium and luxury brands from a variety of sectors.

How are they creating their own brand personality? How does it translate on TikTok? What are the pitfalls and challenges? What can we learn from the successes?

And crucially, how are they building “The Prestige Factor”?