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The Goat Agency is a global influencer agency with expertise in marketing luxury and premium brands. We deliver organic, paid, and influencer marketing strategies to our luxury client partners across multiple markets.

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Influencer Marketing in the Luxury Sector

We’ve worked with some of the top luxury and premium brands across a variety of sectors including beauty, fashion, tech, automotive and food & beverage.

We create innovative influencer strategies across social media channels to help brands reach new audiences and drive awareness, consideration and conversions.


by 2030 Gen Z and Gen Alpha will make up a third of the global luxury market
$1.4 billion invested in influencer marketing by leading luxury fashion brands in 2021
Belmond’s Instagram following grew by over 22k during the campaign’s duration
Sticker taps saw over 37k interactions to @Belmond and the brand specific hashtag


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What Makes The Goat Agency Different?

Centralization on a Global Scale

The Goat Agency specializes in running influencer marketing campaigns globally. Our clients come to us for a centralized approach to global marketing, meaning your brand can tap into new markets without the implications of varying outlets.

Guaranteed Results & Deliverables

At The Goat Agency we guarantee our results and deliverables prior to the launch of each project. By following this formula we’ve been able to surpass client expectations, time and time again.

Powered by Influencers

Our campaigns come to life through the expertise and personalities attached to influencers. We’ve built long-lasting relationships with the best creators on social, enabling us to connect brands with hyper-engaged communities in the areas they’re looking to target

Data Tracking & Personalization

From paid media to influencer content, we track every minute detail. This means more personalized campaigns that align brand values with the core interests of targeted audiences… along with finding the right creators to bring the messaging to life.

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Luxury Industry Insights

Luxury brands know they need to start building cultural relevance and customer loyalty amongst younger people, and a lot of this will be achieved through social media and influencers.

However, when it comes to TikTok, many luxury and premium brands are struggling to find their place.We took the TikTok strategies of 15 premium and luxury brands from a variety of sectors, looking at what worked, and how luxury brands can get it right with Gen Z on TikTok.

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How 15 Luxury and Premium Brands are Taking on TikTok



Goat specializes in connecting the luxury industry’s leading brands with diverse, hyper-engaged audiences anywhere in the world. We help our client partners reach new audiences, expand their reach to new markets and better understand a region’s cultural nuances.

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We specialize in driving revenue using influencers. If you are a luxury brand looking to scale, get in touch to discuss your goals. 


Luxury Marketing FAQs

What social platforms do you use?

We’re fluent across the top social media platforms, including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, InstagramTikTokYouTube and Twitch. Check out our platform pages to learn more about marketing on each platform.

Does influencer marketing always work?

Influencer marketing is one of the most powerful tools available to marketers today. Its success is dependant on varying factors, such as brand goals, product and target audience alignment among other things. But… we do GUARANTEE our deliverables!

Why should I use Goat over the other influencer platforms available?

You want guaranteed results…right? We’ve got you covered. We’re the industry leader for influencer marketing, and with over 8 years of successful campaigns delivered in multiple territories across the globe, we’ve got it all under one roof.

How does influencer marketing integrate with my other digital marketing channels?

Influencer marketing enables a cohesive integration with other digital channels. For example, we’ve sent influencers to in-person events which brands can promote through their social, web and email channels. Influencer-driven giveaways are great for cross-platform promotion too, as does repurposing influencer content for your external channels. Get in touch if you want to learn more.

Who will be working on my account?

Goat provides each client with their own dedicated account manager whose role is to oversee the entire process and campaign and to be your first point of contact. In addition, Goat’s strategists and paid media specialists will collaborate on campaign delivery.

How do you find influencers?

To find the perfect influencers for our clients, we predominantly use our internal CRM tool, which incorporates the data of over 100,000 influencers. This extensive database houses key information, metrics and KPIs for every single influencer within it, allowing us to hone in on the most granular detail to guide our decision making. This detail, combined with the unparalleled knowledge within our team, allows us to see far beyond vanity metrics, enabling us to register the true value of each influencer. In addition to using influencers, we have previous campaign performance data on, our insights team are constantly looking to source the most appropriate and relevant talent for the strategy we have.

Which Platforms Work Best in the Luxury Industry?

Traditionally, luxury brands have found the most success on Instagram thanks to the platforms visual appeal and capacity for sharing high-quality imagery and video to showcase luxury products. The luxury space on TikTok is rising as more prestigious brands look to target the younger generations (Gen Z and Gen Alpha) with interactive and personalized content.

Other Industries

We've launched successful campaigns across various different industries. Learn more about how to market in these sectors below.