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December 18, 2023

Amazon Influencer Marketing: A Guide for Brands Looking to Tap into the Immense Marketplace 

Amazon continues its expansion beyond e-commerce. The multinational tech brand has already branched into streaming services, and even space exploration. Now, Amazon is looking at the influencer market as a new means of driving business success. 

We’re here to unpack Amazon influencer marketing, looking at how brands can tap into Amazon’s dense retail media network (RMN), partner with dedicated Amazon influencers, and our exclusive tips for creating a successful Amazon influencer marketing campaign.


The Goat Agency Partners with Amazon Ads to Launch Influencer-Led Shoppable Content

What is Amazon Influencer Marketing?

What is an Amazon Influencer?

How can Brands Benefit from Amazon Influencer Marketing?

Tips for Creating a Successful Amazon Influencer Marketing Campaign 

Amazon Influencer Marketing is Changing the Way We Shop

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The Goat Agency Partners with Amazon Ads to Launch Influencer-Led Shoppable Content

Earlier this year, we announced our partnership with Amazon Ads in a solution that will give brands the power to push influencer content across Amazon Ads suite, driving greater performance and ROAS.

By using Amazon’s retail media network, we have been able to introduce influencer-led shoppable content to Amazon’s suite of services. 

Goat is the first agency to truly combine the power of influencer content with the power of Amazon’s first party shopper data. What’s even more exciting is that we can continue to test, learn and innovate future campaigns based on performance outcomes for our clients. We can ensure that we deliver the right product message using the best performing influencer content to the right audiences. 

In addition to this push for influencer-led shoppable content, there’s also the Amazon influencer program, which is designed to help Amazon customers find products they may be interested in. Which brings us to the question of Amazon influencer marketing, how it works, and how brands can deploy successful campaigns. 

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What is Amazon Influencer Marketing?

The Amazon influencer program leverages influencer content to help strengthen product discovery across Amazon Ads suite.

It works by filtering the content provided by brands and influencers, offering potential buyers the most relevant content to what they’re searching for. The content is then displayed across the Amazon platform as a means of improving the customer shopping experience.

The influencer content can include reviews and recommendations in the form of social posts, Amazon live streams, product reviews, and blogs. In exchange for creating the content, influencers earn commission rates for every purchase made as a result of their endorsements. 

What is an Amazon Influencer?

Like every other variation of influencer, an Amazon influencer is someone, or something if you’re a virtual influencer, with a sizable social media following who endorses and promotes products in the digital space. The only difference is that Amazon influencers conduct their recommendations via an Amazon influencer storefront, which is a virtual representation of a storefront designed to catch the audience’s attention. It’s the landing page on Amazon that shows customers various product recommendations for a product category within the Amazon store.  These influencers can range from fashion bloggers to game enthusiasts, beauty influencers, and more. 

How can Brands Benefit from Amazon Influencer Marketing?

Boosting engagement metrics and increasing brand awareness are just the start. There are various benefits for brands looking to use Amazon influencer marketing. 

Leveraging the world’s biggest retail media network 

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the US, with over 310 million active users worldwide. Brands looking to list products on the retail network have access to an exponential reach, which when combined with Amazon influencer marketing, leads to enhanced engagement, and a more refined, more targeted audience.

Everyone trusts Amazon

The great thing about leveraging Amazon influencer marketing is that Amazon is one of the most credible e-commerce site available. Amazon is among the most trusted shopping networks among each generation, even baby boomers. 

Coupling Amazon’s credibility with influencer marketing enables an opportunity for brands to authentically showcase their products through influencer-led content on Amazon, and across various social media platforms.

Influencer marketing with Amazon is a great way for brands to increase their credibility, authentically. 

Amazon influencer marketing can boost organic rankings

Organic rankings on Amazon determine the number of branded searches, the number of conversions, and the number of clickthrough rates for your product. 

When influencers post old or new products on the Amazon storefront page, they embed links that take the customer through to the product listing. 

As the number of customer CTRs increase, the traffic increases, which automatically boosts your organic ranking on Amazon. 

In case you were wondering about why organic rankings are important, here’s why. Like most retail media networks, Amazon functions using an algorithm. You become more visible if your products are constantly getting on the first page of Amazon’s search results, just like on going viral on TikTok, YouTube etc. 

To ensure this happens, brands must ensure their Amazon influencer marketing strategy is planned effectively. 

Tips for Creating a Successful Amazon Influencer Marketing Campaign 

The idea of getting started on Amazon can seem daunting due to the demand and competition within the retail media network. However, we’ve got some great tips to help you get started:

(1/3) Provide a solution for potential customers

So, Amazon has a potential reach of 310 million active users. That’s a lot. And, it’s unlikely that each of these users will be the right fit for your brand. 

With that in mind, it’s vital to determine who exactly is the right fit for your campaign goals.

It’s worth looking at certain factors such as genders and demographics. However, consider looking at the interests of your potential audience, what are their needs, and more specifically, what are their pain points. If your Amazon influencer marketing strategy can provide a solution to these factors, you can effectively reach your desired target audience with authentic influencer content.

(2/3) Work with Amazon influencers that align with your brand

This is something we always reiterate. Not every influencer is the right fit for your brand, which is just as important in Amazon influencer marketing as well as the broader space. 

Fortunately for brands, Amazon has some useful methods for sourcing the right influencers:

Amazon live feature

The Amazon live feature is a space for brands to chat with influencers in real time, check out their previous work, and view how they place different product endorsements. 

With this feature, you can use a few different tools to refine your search:

  • Feature content creation tool: this allows brands to see the most popular Amazon influencers.
  • Discover tool: this contains information about the most recent live streams.
  • Browse tool: with this, brands can browse various categories for different products, and which creators fit into each category.

Leverage Amazon hashtags across social media platforms

Hashtags are a core part of influencer content that allow them to build content around a particular community. Think of a hashtag as a virtual town square, especially across hashtag-heavy platforms like Instagram and TikTok. 

Hashtags are a great way to find creator talent, too. Brands can find dedicated Amazon influencers by simply searching for them on social using hashtags like

(3/3) Explore Amazon Ads Influencer-Led Shoppable Content

The value of the retail media industry sits roughly at £60bn. Of that amount, an estimated £53bn is accounted for advertising activity on Amazon’s platforms.  These figures suggest more and ore brands are looking to leverage these networks, along with unlocking social-commerce channels

As the market saturates, it’s becoming increasingly important that brands differentiate from the crowd. Fortunately for brands, we have partnered with Amazon to pioneer a new form of influencer marketing within Amazon’s RMN.

Influencer-led shoppable content is a world-first and one that is exclusive to clients of Goat and GroupM (via Goat). 

We are now able to retarget audiences that have already seen a brand’s influencer content on social, redisplaying it across Amazon suite and across approved third party websites. 

Customers that click on these ads will be taken directly to the product on Amazon, streamlining the process between product discovery to purchase. Potential buyers could be reading a news article, or scrolling social media, and within seconds be at the product page with a purchase decision in mind. 

This presents brands with an opportunity to tap into Amazon’s vast advertising solutions, which is a huge step forward for combining influencer marketing and e-commerce, allowing brands greater room to drive measurable ROAS and revenue. 

Amazon Influencer Marketing is Changing the Way We Shop

In today’s digital world, Amazon is enabling brands to showcase their products with the help of popular social media personalities right on Amazon’s immense storefront. 

This collaboration is a game-changer, merging the influence of social icons with Amazon’s marketplace. By using data on what people buy, they’re matching the right products with the right shoppers, making shopping feel more personal and engaging.

But it’s not just about selling more. This collaboration changes how people shop online. It’s not just about ads anymore; it’s about real people recommending things they love, making shopping more enjoyable and personal. Brands are embracing this change because it’s shaping how people decide what to buy, and Amazon sits at the heart of this evolving trend.

If you’re a brand looking to learn more about our Amazon Ads influencer offering, get in touch today to find out how you can tap into the world’s leading retail media network to elevate your influencer marketing strategy!

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