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October 16, 2023

The Goat Agency partners with Amazon Ads to introduce influencer-led shoppable content.


How our new industry-first ad solution will give brands the power to push influencer content across Amazon Ads suite, driving greater performance and ROAS. 

We are incredibly excited to announce an industry-first solution, developed by The Goat Agency in partnership with Amazon Ads. 

Initially developed in the UK and now available globally, the partnership combines the power of influencer marketing with the data and targeting of Amazon’s advertising capabilities, giving our clients the ability to drive commerce outcomes on


Retail media and social commerce… what’s the connection?

What is the Goat x Amazon DSP solution?

How does it work?

Why will brands benefit?

How can you find out more?

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Retail media and social commerce… what’s the connection?

Over the past few years, Retail Media Networks (RMNs) have emerged as a powerful marketing tool and retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Sainsbury’s among others are tapping into the movement. 

These advertising platforms allow brands to run ads across retailers’ websites, as well as across third party sites, directing customers back to the retailer and the point of purchase. They also give brands access to first-party shopper data which can then be used to inform advertising even further.

The Goat Agency is the first influencer marketing agency to bridge the gap between influencer marketing and retail media, creating a powerful commerce-led solution.

What is the Goat x Amazon DSP solution?

Amazon has one of the largest retail media networks in the world. 

With our exclusive partnership, The Goat Agency and Amazon Ads have introduced influencer-led shoppable content for the Amazon advertising suite of services. 

This makes us the only agency in the world capable of pushing influencer content across Amazon’s Ad suite whilst keeping the look and feel of social posts.

Essentially, we can now help brands to target and retarget customers across the web and on with high-performing influencer content, then drive them to the relevant products on Amazon ready to be purchased.

How does it work?

Goat is the first agency to truly combine the power of influencer content with the power of Amazon’s first party shopper data

We can now retarget audiences that have already seen your brand’s influencer content on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, across the Amazon retail media network on approved white-listed third party websites.

Customers that click on these ads will be taken to the product directly on the Amazon site, taking them directly to the point of sale.

What’s even more exciting is that we can then continue to test, learn and innovate future campaigns based on performance outcomes for your brands, ensuring we deliver the right product message using the best performing influencer content to the right audiences, at the right time. 

This is a world first and one that is exclusive to clients of Goat or clients of GroupM (via Goat).

Why will brands benefit?

Even without China, the value of the retail media industry sits at roughly £60bn. Of that £60bn figure, roughly £53bn is accounted for advertising activity on Amazon’s platforms (Marketing Week, 2023). 

This opens up a huge opportunity for brands to tap into Amazon’s vast advertising solutions, and this solution is the only way to do it using influencer content. It truly is a massive step forward for combining influencer marketing and social commerce, and giving brands more ability to drive measurable ROAS and revenue. 

As Nilam Atodaria, Global Product Director at The Goat Agency, explains, Teaming up with Amazon Ads creates valuable opportunities for clients looking to activate creator-led campaigns in a performance-centric way. This collaboration allows us to deliver greater value for our clients by deploying more engaging and intelligent campaigns that drive measurable business outcomes. This unique combination brings an alternative version of Social Commerce, one which puts consumers and their shopping habits at the heart of product development.

Read more in Marketing Week, Campaign, The Drum and Retail Technology Innovation Hub.

Nilam Atodaria Discusses Retail Media And Influencer Marketing At The Ipa Effworks 2023

Goat’s Global Product Director, Nilam Atodaria discussing retail media and influencer marketing at the IPA Effworks Global 2023 event.

How can you find out more?

We will soon be releasing a report detailing more about this exciting offering. Subscribe to our weekly Raised on Social newsletter to receive a copy. 

Then if you’d like to book some time with our influencer marketing and social commerce experts to find out how this could work for your brand, get in touch with our Partnerships Lead

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