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October 3, 2022

Sidemen Charity Match 2022; Goals & Highlights

The Sidemen Charity match took place on the 24th September. At its peak, the event amassed 2.6 million concurrent viewers as people tuned in to watch some of the biggest creators from the UK and across the pond. Big name creators, and action-packed entertainment aside, the Sidemen charity match took place to raise money for a number of charitable causes. By the final blow of Mark Clattenburg’s whistle, fans watching from around the world had surpassed £1million in donations, which would later be distributed across selected charities.

Sidemen Charity Match 2022

The fourth Sidemen charity match proved to be an incredible success in many ways, with the inclusion of prominent creators such as Mr. Beast and ishowspeed, to the record breaking viewership and donation figures – not to mention the opportunity for brands to showcase their understanding of modern-day entertainment and the prominence of the parties involved in the event.

We’re here to break down the Sidemen charity match, looking particularly at the standout moments that spread across social media like wildfire, from Speed bowling KSI over inside the first 20 seconds, to Miniminter’s stunning winning goal and all the best moments from the monumental occasion.

What is the Sidemen Charity Match?

The Sidemen charity match is a football match spearheaded by the popular UK YouTube group, the Sidemen, who we’re proud to have worked with over the years. The match is organized to raise money for charitable causes, and features some of the biggest names on YouTube.

The event has been held at the Valley stadium, home of League One football team Charlton Athletic. This year, the match returned for a fourth time after a two year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This year’s match saw Sidemen FC vs YouTube All-Stars in a frighteningly competitive fixture that ended with the Sidemen edging an 8-7 scoreline. 

Who played in the Sidemen Charity Match 2022?

Being one of the biggest groups on the internet gives the Sidemen quite a lot of pulling power – this is evident in their selection of high profile creators to take part in the event.

The two teams each had their own superstars, some of which knew their way around a football pitch, pitted against novices that added an element of unpredictability.

Here were the squads for both teams competing in the Sidemen Charity Match in 2022:

Sidemen FC – Manager Billy Wingrove 

  • KSI
  • W2S
  • Zerkaa
  • Vikkstar
  • Behzinga
  • Miniminter
  • Mr Beast
  • Karl Jacobs
  • ChrisMD
  • Pieface
  • JME
  • Lazarbeam
  • Manny
  • Randolph
  • Callux
  • Calfreezy

YouTube Allstars – Manager Mark Goldbridge

  • Niko Omilana
  • Yung Filly
  • Cal the Dragon
  • WillNE
  • Harry Pinero
  • Chris Tyson
  • Noah Beck
  • Deji
  • Theo Baker
  • Chunkz
  • Jidion
  • Castro
  • Anesongib
  • Chandler
  • Danny Aarons
  • GeorgeNotFound
Sidemen Match Ishowspeed

Sidemen Charity Match Highlights

The Sidemen edged a hot contest that finished with Sidemen FC 8-7 YouTube All-Stars. The Sidemen’s talisman Miniminter settled the game with a superb lobbed effort from 40 yards, cementing his hatrick and the spoils for his team.

In a game not known for its goalkeeping exploits, fans were treated to the incalculable ishowspeed. Just 16 seconds into the match, ishowspeed plowed into KSI with a crunching tackle, and then celebrated like he’d won his team the match.

The chemistry between Yung Filly and Chunkz flowed vibrantly throughout the game as it did in their previous link up in the Soccer Aid charity match. The duo managed to get on the scoresheet with two glorious goals. Chunkz opened the scoring for the day with a stunning strike that floated above Pieface in the Sidemen FC net. Filly hit the back of the net with a thunderbolt after dropping the shoulder to accelerate past Callux before raising the roof with his strike.

After spending much of his time in an offside position, ishowspeed found himself through on goal, slotting home with a cool finish before hitting the Cristiano Ronaldo ‘siu’ celebration. Sadly, the goal was deemed offside, spurring the US streamer to steal the referee’s yellow card and whip him with his t-shirt.

How Much Did The Sidemen Charity Match Raise? 

Whilst this culmination of huge creators served the purpose of delivering entertainment to millions of viewers online, the charity match’s primary cause is to raise funds and awareness for beneficent causes.

In total, £1,074,379 was raised. This sum will be donated between Teenage Cancer Trust (40%), CALM (40%), Rays of Sunshine (10%) and M7 Education (10%).

If you missed Saturday’s events unfold and want to catch up on all the big moments, goals and laughs from the event, you will be happy to know you can re-watch the entire event! Or, if you’d like to see the handpicked highlights from the match, there is a video package for that too.

How Much Did The Sidemen Charity Match Raise

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