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December 11, 2023

Virtual Event: Does Size Matter? Macro vs Micro Influencers

You have $100,000 in influencer budget… how should you spend it?

Join us at The Goat Agency’s next virtual event where we debate the effectiveness of macro vs micro influencers, as well as best practice for working with each.

Does Size Matter? Macro Vs Micro Influencers

“Join the Goat US team for our “Does Size Matter?” debate.

The argument over the effectiveness of macro vs micro influencers rumbles on.

Is it better to “go big or go home”; throw everything into one or two influencers with millions of followers or even a celebrity fanbase?

Or should you play the numbers game, spreading your budget across multiple micro influencers with smaller but highly dedicated followings?

Over 30 minutes, two Goat influencer experts will go head to head to argue the case for macro vs micro influencers. 

We’ve analyzed the data and observed the campaign outcomes. Our team will bring you their honest opinions, as well as insights, tips and inspiration for creating the most effective influencer campaigns for your brand. 

There will also be plenty of opportunity for Q&A and the chance to vote for your winning argument!

Part 1: Hero, Macro and Micro 101

  • How are they defined?
  • How are brands working with them?
  • How and why are they effective?

Part 2: Macro vs Micro

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages?
  • What are the key considerations for working with them?
  • How should you approach it and what do brands get wrong?

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