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September 1, 2023

SERVED Episode 6: The GOAT Burger with Gymbox’s Rory McEntee

Catch our next episode of “Served“… the marketing podcast with a tasty twist!

Join our Co-Founder, Harry Hugo, as he takes on leading marketers in our Goat kitchen.

The challenge? They have 30 minutes to cook their “greatest of all time” dish, all while serving up industry insights and answering a series of quick-fire questions about their careers in marketing.

In our final episode from season 1, we welcome Rory McEntee, Brand & Marketing Director at Gymbox.

In a world where nightclubs meet gyms, Gymbox are bringing the antidote to boring gyms and paving the way for a new way of fitness. Watch as Rory shares Gymbox’s marketing strategy, how to create buzz and impact with a small team, and why everyone should be cooking burgers with beer….

We cover everything from Bebo and dial up internet, to fitness and health influencers.

Watch the episode to find out more. And to see whose burger took the GOAT crown!

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Written by: Joanna Hughston