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February 14, 2024

Goat London Event: The Next Era of Influencer Marketing

In our evolving media landscape, how can brands build omni-channel influencer strategies that drive business value?

We are very excited to host our next Raised on Social event , LIVE in London’s Soho.

With speakers from Heineken, REFY Beauty, Sky, Arla, Strongbow, TikTok (and more!), this one-off event aims to provide brand marketers with insights and inspiration for taking their influencer marketing to the next level.

Goat Event: The Next Era Of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has entered a new era.

Once considered a campaign add-on, it now represents a powerful media channel in its own right. 

And yet, many brands are still unsure of its role within the wider marketing ecosystem. 

Should influencer sit with the brand team? Or the social team? Or even the Planning team? How is it measured alongside other key media channels? And how can brands implement it effectively within their wider marketing ecosystem? 

In our next Raised on Social event, we’ll explore these questions. 

We’ll delve into how influencer and social marketing can be elevated in 2024, with tips and examples from brands leading the way. 

We’ll then explore what comes next. In the “Next Era of Influencer Marketing” how will brands stay ahead of the curve and continue to drive increased value through innovation, data, technology and creativity?

From influencer-led paid and retail media, to TikTok Out of Phone and social commerce, this event will provide you with inspiration and actionable insights from leading brand and agency marketers – setting you up for a successful 2024 and beyond!

What we’ll cover

  • This Year: The new media landscape and influencer marketing’s role within it
  • Next Year: The future is omni-channel (integrating influencer with media and commerce)
  • 5 Years: What’s to come in influencer and how can brands prepare now?

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