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March 19, 2024

Top 10 Automotive Brands Crushing Their TikTok Marketing 

Rev up your screens and buckle up for a wild ride through the fast lane of TikTok as we unveil the top 10 automotive brands dominating the platform. 

In this turbocharged journey, we dissect how these automotive giants effortlessly navigate the TikTok circuit, steering their way into the hearts of millions.  From high-octane action to sleek storytelling, discover what’s under the hood of their creative engines. 

The 10 Best Automotive Brands on TikTok

Two Orange Sports Cars Parked Up - Automotive Brands On Tiktok Are Getting Real Marketing Success


Celebrated for sleek design and powerful performance, Porsche is a luxury car brand known for its iconic sports cars and SUVs. These vehicles embody a perfect fusion of innovation and driving pleasure across the globe. 

What they did

Creator content makes up a large portion of the Porsche TikTok strategy. A quick scroll through their feed and you’ll find some ‘purrrfect’ content from the cuddliest duo on TikTok, Andrea & Paquito. You’ll also find everyone’s favorite car enthusiast, @PushingPistons, debunking some rather unpopular Porsche 911 myths, particularly how the car costs just “one kidney” and how its customizable stickers “help you spot your kids in traffic”. 

Their best collab, though, came with TikTok’s drippiest grandpa. In two videos, Jaadie’s grandpa styles out in an outfit inspired by the classic Porsche 959. In the other, our cool grandpa is testing out new driving shoes including MSCHF’s Big Red Boots. 


Fit for a king. 👑 📼 @Jaadiee

♬ Originalton – Porsche

Why it worked

With so many creators appearing across the Porsche TikTok channel, it’s imperative that each creator aligns with the brand’s ethos for luxury and style. Partnering with TikTok’s coolest grandpa, who’s known for some pretty serious style, shows how Porsche is in tune with which creators are “it” right now, and they know when a creator is the right fit for their brand. 

While style is a big part of what they stand for, Porsche understands that this is TikTok, and its important to not take things too seriously in-app. Collaborations with PushingPistons, and featuring our furry friends on the TikTok feed adds a great balance to the brand’s strategy. 


Born in Italy, these raging bulls signify a relentless pursuit of performance and design excellence, captivating enthusiasts worldwide with their flamboyant supercars and unmistakable roar. Lamborghini oozes automotive opulence, unleashing unparalleled power and style. 

What they did

It’s safe to say that Lamborghini is in an elite club. In fact, Lamborghini is one of very few brands that choose not to run ads. “The motivation behind why we don’t see Lamborghini television commercials is that customers who can bear the cost of them don’t sit the entire day sitting in front of the TV.” as their CEO once put it. 

With Lamborghini, it’s the best of the best, and they’ve got the TikTok strategy to boot. We’re talking stunning, high quality video footage capturing the opulence of these fascinating machines. You can feel the roar of the engine in every upload. Lamborghini takes its viewers across the world, racing through the desert and cruising through beautiful Italian vineyards. 


Outdoors sounds like an overture, with Huracán Sterrato.

♬ suono originale – Lamborghini – Lamborghini

Why it worked

Luxury brands benefit from the exclusivity of their products, and Lamborghini is right up there with the most prestigious of brands. The brand’s TikTok strategy is all about reflecting performance, design, and unparalleled power and style. The brand has amassed over 3.6M followers, and yet follows no one – a true hallmark of prestige. 


With a rich heritage, innovative technology, and a commitment to sophistication, Mercedes-Benz continues to redefine driving excellence and elegance globally. Defined as the pinnacle of German engineering, the brand stands as an automotive paragon

What they did

Mercedes-Benz gets TikTok. They’re blending together TikTok carousels, using terms like “POV”, dabbling in ASMR, all whilst staying true to the brand’s sophisticated driving excellence. 

In one video, they’re writing captions like “POV: the guy she told you not to worry about”, and then in another they’re detailing the fine craftsmanship that goes into making their elegant vehicles. 

Why it worked

Credit to Mercedes-Benz, they did their research and found formulas that work on TikTok, and that fit with their brand. TikTok is a place where audiences love to see things dissected or being pieced together in a way that is satisfying for the viewer. The brand tapped into the “satisfaction” trend with its perfect craftsmanship content, and ASMR style videos. 

Mercedes-Benz then adds a more human touch to give their followers a chance to relate to the content, enabling them to see things from the Mercedes-Benz point of view. 


Known as the Bavarian driving force, BMW symbolizes a blend of precision, performance, and sheer driving pleasure. From iconic designs to cutting-edge technology, The brand consistently redefines automotive sophistication, setting the standard for exhilarating driving experiences and innovation worldwide.

What they did

BMW puts creators in the driving seat. On the feed we’ve got lifestylers and fashion influencers like Evie Clark twinning outfits with BMW cars. We’ve Sarah Gordon giving us her classic comedy skits. And, there’s Becca Taylor taking on the popular top 5 ranking filter that’s been trending on TikTok as of late. 

Outside of its creator-led content, BMW is very much the star of the show. Much like you’d find on a popular creators channel, you’ll find BMW using trending sounds and quirky transitions that would give even the best TikTokers a run for their money. 

Why it worked

BMW blends together all the elements that drive success on #CarTok. The brand are ranking in hundreds of thousands, if not millions of views with every upload. People are here for their stylish content that shows off the brand’s cutting-edge technology. But why they stick around, is for the personable content featuring popular creators. Like this video of Ledor’s Cars telling his girlfriend he’s on his way home, when in fact he’s playing video games in a BMWi5. It’s funny, it’s relatable, and it incorporates the BMW brand. 


MINI, the embodiment of quirky charisma, encapsulates driving fun with British flair. Renowned for compact, stylish cars, MINI radiates personality, proving that big adventures can come in small, spirited packages.

What they did

One thing we’ve noticed whilst scrolling through the accounts of these car brands, is that a lot of comments are people asking for a free car. Right off the bat we were hooked by MINI’s TikTok channel, with this video: “how life feels when no one asks for a free MINI in the comments.”. Of course, there were commenters asking for a free car, but it’s the brand’s quintessentially British, almost blunt in a way, responses to these comments: “If only it was that easy, Robert.”

There’s been a recent trend on TikTok of creators putting on white noise before they sleep, which turns out to be the most unbearable sounds known to man. The team over at Mini thought it would be good to weigh in on this trend, as well as the low taper fade trend. 

Why it worked

Mini’s TikTok strategy is magnificent. Their use of trends, and understanding of meme culture on TikTok is a winning combination that has helped the brand gather over 1.1M followers. The brand is great at seeing the funny side of things, like how it joked about the kind of sounds available after Universal removed its music catalog. Audiences on TikTok cannot get enough for this style of content, it’s great at driving engagement and winning over new audiences that may not be familiar with the brand. 


This South Korean automotive trailblazer is rewriting the narrative of reliability and innovation. With a commitment to accessible excellence, Hyundai combines cutting-edge technology and sleek design, ushering in a new era of driving satisfaction worldwide.

What they did

Opening up Hyundai’s TikTok feels like you’ve fast-forwarded a couple of decades. In a video showcasing its IONIQ 6, we’re shown the cutting-edge technology in the car’s interior, but it feels more like you’ve been cast into the Bladerunner universe. It’s giving futuristic and we’re here for it. 

Hyundai is dedicated to continually advancing mobility solutions for a sustainable and empowered tomorrow. They invited their audience ​​to experience that mindset and immerse themselves in a captivating landscape where fantasy and future merged together. How is this possible, you ask? They built a virtual world on Roblox. 

“The Hyundai Future Adventure is an exhilarating and immersive experience where participants can interact and compete on six different maps,” the brand wrote on TikTok.

“Each one revolves around a future mobility theme that we are advancing today, including HTWO hydrogen, robotics, IONIQ and AAM (advanced air mobility).”

Why it worked

Roblox is becoming something of a potent marketing tool for many brands in different industries. The one commonality is that this platform, video game or metaverse, is helping brands connect with younger audiences. Deploying these Roblox worlds and using TikTok to raise awareness proves to be a successful formula, with commenters expressing their affection for the campaign: “ok this might be the best ad game on roblox to be honest.”

Hyundai’s audience are being treated to some truly spectacular creations, like this Blue Dragon to symbolize renewal, built from recycled bricks and powered by IONIQ’s V2L. They even ran a whole series of the holiday season, documenting a Hyundai’s journey through a world of felt! 

Hyundai’s TikTok strategy blends futuristic development with creative excellency, and people can’t get enough.


At Hyundai, we are dedicated to continually advancing mobility solutions for a sustainable and empowered tomorrow. Our new Hyundai Future Adventure in Roblox invites everyone to experience that mindset and immerse themselves in a captivating landscape where fantasy and future reality come together. We are proud and excited to participate in this continuing cooperation with Roblox and look forward to reaching new goals together. Take part and experience a visionary future that knows no bounds. #Hyundai #Roblox #Metaverse #FutureMobility #HyundaiFutureAdventure

♬ original sound – Hyundai Worldwide


Renowned for crafting exquisite grand tourers and sedans, Bentley seamlessly marries handcrafted elegance with cutting-edge technology, creating an unparalleled automotive symphony of power and prestige. Bentley is a true hallmark of British luxury. 

What they did

The brands that do well on TikTok are the ones that have an ear to the ground. They keep up with trends, and have an eye on which creators are having their moment. So when Sabrina Bahsoon, or Tube Girl, rose to fame last year and started to show up for high-end brands, Bentley seized the opportunity. “The tube isn’t the only way to travel around London” is how they signed off this iconic partnership.

To show off its newest Bentayga model, Bentley brought in a car enthusiast with over 3.7M TikTok followers, Sonny G Cars. In this ASMR-style video we get to see every luxurious curve the car has to offer, listening to the press of every button, and the creak of the leather interior.  

Why it worked

Much like Lamborghini, Bentley finds itself among the elite. Its TikTok strategy is designed to reflect this. Every shot is designed with Bentley at the focal point, positioning the brand as glamorous at every opportunity. Even the brands influencer partnerships reflect this too, enlisting the queen of slaying herself, Tube Girl. The Bentley audience, 1.2M strong, has grown an exquisite taste for the finer things in life, and the brand’s TikTok is there to quench it. 


The tube isn’t the only way to travel around London @Sabrina Bahsoon #TubeGirl #Bentley

♬ Bounce When She Walk – Ohboyprince


Synthesizing a rich tapestry of reliability and avant-garde innovation, Toyota redefines the road ahead, fusing eco-conscious technologies with an enduring commitment to driving excellence and style.

What they did

Toyota prides itself on conquering all terrains, so it’s only right that the brand’s TikTok strategy has a little something for all car lovers.

Classic sports car fans are treated to some throwback content, like this video reminding us what a beauty the 1993 Toyota Supra was, or how the 2000 Celica lives rent free in Toyota fans’ heads. Elsewhere we’ve got Toyota’s SUV range charging through muddy waters, putting the viewer so close to the action that they can feel the terrain being thrown aloft. 

Why it worked

Toyota’s content isn’t oozing luxury like many other car brands on TikTok. They do the basics well, and have built a loyal customer base, who have a pretty good positive sentiment for the brand. Toyota can pride itself on being there for its customers. The brand is always active in the comments section, something that a lot of brands often overlook. Real-time feedback and audience engagement is something Toyota has going for it on TikTok. They’re cultivating a following, like any good creator should do. 


Melding precision craftsmanship with cutting-edge innovation, Lexus delivers an unparalleled driving experience, where elegance meets performance in every curve.

What they did

#LexusGirl is the trend we wished we knew about sooner. This trend shows us how obsessed lexus customers, or Lexus Girls, are with their cars. Lexus brought this to life by partnering with artist, where’s raya, ahead of Miami Art and Design Week, giving her a sunset-wrapped Lexus to travel around in style. In the video we see another example of an influencer styling their outfits to match with the car, seems to be a popular theme on #CarTok. 

Edits are a big part of the Lexus language on TikTok, too. Ahead of Valentine’s Day the brand dropped this edit featuring a bright red Lexus LFA getting a quick touch up before its big date, topped off with a POV caption to humanize the post. 

Why it worked

Lexus are putting together all the elements that make a great TikTok strategy on the automotive side of the platform. They’re on top of cultural moments, they understand who their audience is, and how they can reach them. Lexus understands the importance of humanizing its brand, and how giving an audience a presence to relate to can foster a stronger sense of brand loyalty. 


Obsessed with this wrap for Miami Art and Design Week 😍 designed by @petertarka 📸: @where’s raya? #LexusNX #lexusgirl #lexusgirls #cartour #cartsoftiktok #miamiartweek

♬ original sound – DJ Playboi Pocky


Lotus is a renowned British automotive icon that epitomizes precision and performance. Famed for crafting lightweight, agile sports cars, Lotus has left an indelible mark on the auto industry, delivering unparalleled driving experiences with unmatched elegance.

What they did

The Lotus lore on TikTok is somewhat bittersweet. Last year, the brand was raking in tens of millions of views across its content. But it wasn’t the premium cars people were tuning in for, it was the page admins. 

Lotus went through a phase of posting edits – videos that feature a series of editing techniques and transitions with a trending sound playing. People grew to love this humorous, meme-style formula. But to the dismay of many, Lotus decided to part ways with its revered admin. In fact, Lotus still receives comments like “bring him back,” and “we miss you bro” today. 

Nevertheless, the world keeps turning, and Lotus has moved into a new era. Slick edits featuring Lotus cars and trending audio tracks are the bread and butter of Lotus’ TikTok strategy, and the tone of voice has tried to keep some of the same fragrance. 

Why it worked

Meme culture is huge on TikTok. Trending sounds and templates are huge drives of the content that appears in the app’s main feed. Lotus, and its former admin, was very much intune with this subculture, it’s the sole reason why so many people were tuning in. 

Lotus has shifted its narrative a little, to steer away from random meme posts and focus more on high quality visuals that encapsulate the prestige of its cars. Not everyone is a fan of the new strategy it seems, with commenters demanding for the return of the old admin.

Lotus seemed to have cracked the TikTok code a year ago, and now it seems to not know where its identity lies. Perhaps Lotus should bring him back. 

Concluding thoughts

So we’ve brought to you the creme de la creme of automotive excellence on TikTok. But what are the key takeaways, and what are the elements of success that brands should be paying attention to?

Humanize your content

Audiences on TikTok want something to relate to. Where possible, we’re seeing automotive brands humanize their brands to offer a more personalized experience. POV captioned videos, outfit matches, and relevant content creators being brought in are all helping to inject life into these otherwise insentient machines. 

Don’t take yourself too seriously

Even on #CarTok brands can’t afford to take themselves too seriously. For some brands, tapping into meme culture works better than it does for others. For example, you won’t see Lamborghini posting anything like MINI does, anytime soon. But even brands as prestigious as Bentley crack a smile every now and then. 

You can’t escape Roblox

Roblox is everywhere, and brands can’t seem to turn away from building 3D virtual spaces within it. 

Need help with your automotive marketing or looking to get amongst the best TikTok auto accounts? Find out how we helped Audi launch its SUV range. 

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