What was the challenge?

Audi approached Goat to help them increase awareness, desirability and test drive numbers for their Q range SUVs.

What did we do?

Instead of just focusing on the SUV’s features, we wanted to really bring the model to life.

We devised a creative brief in which influencers shared a certain unique passion point or aspect of their life, and then aligned this organically with their model of choice. This could be anything from cooking or parenthood, to entrepreneurship and even snowboarding!

Our nine influencers created content across Instagram Posts, Stories, Instagram TV, and really showed how the car fits in with their lifestyle in a way that felt natural and relatable to their audiences.

We combined this organic influencer content with a targeted paid social strategy. This featured a clear call to action encouraging viewers to click-through to Audi’s virtual assistant messenger, where they could easily arrange test drives.

What were the results?

We drove an incredible 8.3 million impressions and 39,000 clicks! Most importantly, we drove 536 customer referrals for Audi.

39k+ clicks
to sign up for
a test drive

£13k+ additional value
of earned content

Audi Body Full - The Goat Agency


Amazing content from mother_of_five_boys performed very well on this campaign

Audi Featured Post - The Goat Agency