BLOG POST BY: Joanna Hughston
October 30, 2023

Virtual Event: How Brands Can Create More Memorable Influencer Campaigns

We take you through THREE inspiring influencer campaigns that pushed the boundaries of creativity and share what you can learn from them. Plus, which influencer marketing clichés need to be left in 2023?

Join us at The Goat Agency’s next virtual event where we explore how influencer marketing has evolved, and how brands can think and act more creatively in 2024.

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“Influencer marketing has become saturated and stale…”

Well, that’s something we occasionally hear!

In reality though, it couldn’t be further than the truth. Right now, influencer marketing is and will continue to be one of the most powerful media channels for driving awareness, consideration and conversions, particularly with the rise of social commerce.

There has never been more opportunity and more space to innovate. You just have to be open to doing things differently.

The brands having real success are weaving their ad seamlessly into memorable creative, sticking in the brains of their target audience and delivering something genuinely scroll-stopping.

So what’s working now and what needs to be left behind in 2023? 

In this 30-minute creative inspiration session, three members of The Goat Agency team will have 5 MINUTES to showcase an example of a brand’s influencer campaign that really stood out (and delivered results). 

They’ll then discuss the biggest learnings and takeaways to help you maximise your influencer marketing strategies plus our tips for gearing up to gain competitive advantage in 2024.

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You can find all the details and register to attend live or on-demand here.

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Written by: Joanna Hughston