BLOG POST BY: Joanna Hughston
June 30, 2023

SERVED Episode 3: The GOAT Pasta with Shelter’s Helen Saul

Catch our next episode of “Served“… the marketing podcast with a tasty twist!

Join our Co-Founder, Harry Hugo, as he takes on leading marketers in our Goat kitchen.

The challenge? They have 30 minutes to cook their “greatest of all time” dish, all while serving up industry insights and answering a series of quick-fire questions about their careers in marketing.

In episode 3, we welcome Helen Saul, Head of Marketing at Shelter UK.

Helen and her team are doing some incredible work to raise awareness of the housing issues facing so many people in the UK, from their hugely powerful ” Cost of Living Hacks” campaign, to the “Real Life Roomsets” activation with IKEA.

Watch the episode to find out more (and see whose pasta took the prize!).

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Written by: Joanna Hughston