BLOG POST BY: Joanna Hughston
May 24, 2023

SERVED Episode 1: The GOAT Ramen with Wagamama’s Ella Light

Introducing “Served”… the ultimate marketing podcast with a twist!

Join our Co-Founder, Harry Hugo, as he takes on leading social media and influencer marketers in our Goat kitchen.

The challenge? They have 30 minutes to cook their “greatest of all time” dish, all while serving up industry insights and answering a series of quick-fire questions about their careers in marketing.

Goat Director Harry Hugo Looking Happy And Wagamama'S Ella Light Cooking

Watch our first episode now with Ella Light, Creative Content Manager at Wagamama.

She shares how she got into social media marketing, what it’s like to be the face of the Wagamama TikTok channel, and why not all brands can be like Ryanair.

Oh, and she does this all while cooking up her best version of a Wagamama ramen. No pressure then!

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Written by: Joanna Hughston