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October 6, 2023

5 Tech Brands Ruling TikTok in 2023

Marketers predict that TikTok is poised for significant growth in 2023, with 53% of them planning to ramp up their spending on the platform. Tech brands are no different. More and more companies in this industry are leveraging this powerhouse of influence to gain followers and humanize their brands. And since 90% of consumers are looking for authenticity in brands, it’s the perfect place for tech companies to show up in a fresher, more personal way. 

Some of them have definitely cracked the code on how to do it brilliantly. What can you learn from them? We’ve looked into the tech brands doing TikTok right, analyzed elements of their strategy, and pinpointed what you should learn from them. So take note starting now. 

Top 5 Tech Brands on TikTok:

1. Turtle Beach (@turtlebeach)

This global gaming headset brand is a favorite among gaming influencers, and on their TikTok account, you can really tell. They post relatable content of in-game footage, they post about gaming news, and they feature plenty of creators in each piece of content. They don’t just put a face to a name, they put multiple faces on their feed to build a truly human outlook. Their headsets are for people, after all, and with over 677k followers, this strategy is clearly working. 

What can you learn from them? 

Turtle Beach features well-known influencers on their TikTok account. But they also understand the importance of creator content outside their own profile. The brand has collaborated with numerous gamers on TikTok, creating reviews, funny videos and other entertaining posts across the board. Allowing this content to be posted on the influencer’s profile is key. People see less than half (47%) of brands as trustworthy, meaning when a piece of content is on their page, it’s less likely to be taken seriously, especially if it’s promotional. Having influencers post about your brand in their own environment is more trustworthy and authentic. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should never feature influencers on your page; it just means a healthy mix of native and non-native content is key. 


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2. Samsung

As the world’s second-largest global tech brand (based on revenue), Samsung has much to prove on TikTok. They think big but deliver in bite-sized pieces. Their content has a purpose and feels easy to digest, a combination that gels with TikTok’s audience. They create beautiful visuals but bring forward practical ideas and guidance so their followers always have the right advice. 

What can you learn from them? 

Samsung focuses on practicality in many of its videos. Recently, their “Epic User Manual” series has taken off, each gaining hundreds of thousands of views. They provide tutorials, how-tos, guidelines, and more in fun, eye-catching ways. They have also brought this through to their influencer collaborations. When you find a Samsung #ad from an influencer, it tends to be an individual taking their followers through some guidelines on how to take the perfect photo or how to share things quickly. This content is educational, and on TikTok, that category is a winner. 1 in 4 Americans use TikTok to enrich their education, with over half doing so because it’s easier to understand. Create how-to videos and guides in fun, entertaining ways to keep your audience coming back for more. 

A Phone In A Persons Hands With Tiktok Loading On The Screen. Tech Brands Are Increasingly Using The Platform For Marketing.

3. Microsoft

With 599k followers on TikTok, Microsoft has ditched any ideas of being old school and come up with new, fun, and often unexpected content. Their account contains promotional, educational, and often funny posts, including much-loved TikTok trends. They try to stay relevant in the moment whilst still bringing their own vibes to the table. For years, Microsoft stood as a professional and inspiring business, and although that is still true, adapting this tone of voice to the likes of TikTok is no easy task. People are looking for authenticity and entertainment on the app, and that is exactly what Microsoft has leaned into. 

What can you learn from them?

Microsoft’s motto is “We believe in what people make possible,” and their profile really speaks this at its core. They understand community marketing with their social media manager being as active as they are on the app. They reply to users and join in on the conversation in the comments section. This completely humanizes the brand, helping each and every follower to feel valued. On top of this, they include videos of their employees and other creators. This all makes for an account full of faces. Not computers. The takeaway here is to look at your brand values and mission and truly work out how you can bring this across in your TikTok strategy. It will make sure you come across as authentic and build trust between you and your customers. 

4. Adobe 

Adobe, with its ingenious software products, has a specific type of audience – creators. Designers, photographers, marketers, and so many more come to them seeking advice about their products and how to use them. Of course, Adobe provides great educational content on their feed. But they also collaborate with like-minded influencers to do the same. The brilliance here is that they are accessing a targeted market of interested potential consumers each and every time they work with a creator. And that’s why it works so well. 

What can you learn from them? 

Adobe works with influencers like @andreyazizov to provide simple tips and how-tos on their programs. What you can really note here is that they allow each and every creator to tell the tutorial themselves. Effectively, they are getting the people who use their products to talk about their products. They don’t control the creativity of that influencer, and that means a more authentic and believable result. If you are going to use creators in your TikTok strategy, make sure they are leading the content. They are good at what they do for a reason, so let their creativity shine, and their followers will listen. 


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5. Dell (bonus)

If TikTok isn’t your focus and you already have a following on other socials, you can still utilize the app without having to create a bunch of content to fill out your profile.

TikTok is a powerful place for influencer marketing, and we worked with Dell to tap into this essential market. If you search “Dell” and #ad on TikTok, you’ll find creator videos targeting specific audiences. We work with Dell on their multi-channel influencer strategy to get the most out of each platform. Building entertaining, authentic, hyper-targeted campaigns into the TikTok app has helped Dell gain over 168 million impressions. 

What can you learn from them? 

A lot of tech brands are guilty of branding themselves as ideal office wear, which often fails to resonate with audiences on TikTok. Here, audiences want excitement, something that really stands out. This is how we helped Dell tap into TikTok, even without a brand channel on the platform. The brand’s influencer content showcases creativity in a powerful way, showing audiences how they can build their lifestyle using Dell products.  Dell uses strategic partnerships with creators to amplify this message. We’ve helped the brand partner with DJ’s, videographers, graphic designers, and other creative geniuses, showing how they use Dell products to channel their creativity.

The key TikTok Tech takeaways

So now you’ve heard from the top TikTok tech brands – what are the main points you should be keeping in mind? Here’s our take. 

1. Keep it real

TikTok, at its core, is a “real” platform. Users are searching for authenticity in brands. Tech companies can benefit from this even more than other industries, leaning into the human side of their brand. 

2. It’s all about Edutainment

Entertainment and education are powerful on TikTok. Combine the two, and you’ll be winning.  Tech brands should harness both by providing fun, easy-to-digest tutorials, guides, and how-tos, just as Samsung and Adobe have done. This builds brand loyalty with current customers and creates intrigue for new ones, too.

3. Engage, engage, engage

TikTok isn’t a one-way street. To get the most out of this app, you need to work on your interaction. Brands should actively engage with their audience through comments, collaborative challenges, and by showcasing the people behind the brand. This fosters a sense of community and keeps your followers coming back for more. 

The human touch

TikTok offers tech brands an invaluable platform to not only build genuine connections with audiences but also to humanize their image. The power lies in crafting strategies that showcase products through the people and stories behind them—whether through genuine collaborations, educational content, or real community interactions. 

Looking to transform your brand’s presence and truly resonate on TikTok? That’s where we come in. Get in touch to find out how we can help you to humanize your brand and build scroll-stopping campaigns.

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