Content Production


We engaged over 2.8m people in an educational campaign that drove advocacy for Activia Yoghurts. Over 450 pieces of vibrant content were created, driving awareness, education and purchase intent.


See how we made an established brand stay relevant to a Gen Z and Millennial audience. Our year-long strategy used TikTok, Instagram and YouTube to drive incredible results within this key demographic.


We drove new user sign ups using influencers as ambassadors on Youtube and Twitch. The Sidemen Poker series generated over 5m views on Youtube. Winner, winner...


18 influencer activations and over 1,000 pieces of content across multiple territories. Learn how we scaled Nivea in the 21st century whilst staying true to the brand we know and love.


We sent influencers across Europe to experience the excitement, drama and culture of Europa League games, creating a slick multi-episode video series along the way.

Mars – M&M’s

We were tasked by Mars to raise awareness and encourage engagement around the M&Ms brand. It got colourful!