Mars – M&M’s

In order to help raise awareness and encourage engagement with M&Ms as a brand, Goat onboarded six brand ambassadors, with each representing one of the six different brand characters – Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange and Brown.

These influencers used Instagram Stories, Reels and Posts to position the brand within key cultural moments, focussed around three key themes: Screen-time (streaming/movies etc.), baking and gifting.

As part of this campaign, we also created two custom filters. One that the campaign was launched with (#WhichMAreYou – which assigned you an M&M character) and a gaming filter built alongside the brand’s creative agency and Facebook team for Halloween. This created further social buzz and impact, boosting engagement of the campaign.

Campaign received 13.4m+ Impressions

There were 11.6m+ total engagements

The campaign had a 45.25% Instagram Reels View Through Rate

Mms Body Full - The Goat Agency


This Post not only got great engagement at a rate of 7.6%, but was also a brilliant example of how our ambassadors brought their assigned brand character to life, through topical and fun content

Mms 2 - The Goat Agency