Goat was tasked to activate large scale influencers to bring a higher viewership to the Europa League, in a bid to change perception of the competition.

We devised a strategy in which we created a multi-episodic video series that involved sending influencers, who were connected to football but not necessarily fans of the Europa League, to Europa League games. This was to convince them of the Europa League’s excitement, drama and quality, whilst also raising wider awareness of the competition across key markets.

We facilitated the transport and hospitality for each influencer for travel to specific games within Europe, organized activities and cultural trips. This allowed them to experience everything the cities had to offer in addition to the football matches, whilst enabling them to capture content along the way for a dedicated YouTube video. Post production, we created condensed versions of video content and distributed across social media, running paid amplification behind the videos in order to serve them to a wider audience.

The campaign drove over 14.5m Impressions overall

During the campaign, we drove over 5.4M video views

Over 520k engagements across all content

Uefa Body Full - The Goat Agency


Over 250,000 video views and 50,000 engagements on this particular piece of content from Behzinga, resulting in a view through rate of over 57% and a content engagement rate of 10.4%

Uefa - The Goat Agency