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Celebrating 25 years of Cravendale


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Our campaign generated 18 million impressions
42K link clicks

We partnered with Arla to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Cravendale

Here's how we brought the brand’s journey to life through influencers.

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We were briefed on creating a social-first campaign to celebrate Cravendale’s birthday, communicating their “Fresher of Longer” messaging. 

Our biggest challenge was to educate, entertain, and engage both new and existing audiences across TikTok and Instagram. 


We successfully contracted two influencers, Kaleb Cooper from Clarkson’s Farm, and culinary creator and rapper Big Zuu to be the faces of this campaign!

These two brilliant creators/TV personalities held a special birthday party on a Cravendale dairy farm, where they were able to learn more about the brand and really bring the products and brand to life. Our Goat Production team managed the whole day, from concept and storyboarding, to filming and editing, and we created a full-length video for Arla’s YouTube channel, along with short-form video assets for TikTok and Instagram. 

The juxtaposition of both influencers made for a highly entertaining campaign. Kaleb took on the role of teacher, representing Cravedale’s farmers, whilst Big Zuu stood for the Cravendale audience, those that might not know much about farming or dairy. While Kaleb was serious, Big Zuu was all about the entertainment factor, and this contrast allowed the two to bounce off each other in highly comical ways. 


In total, our campaign drove over 18 million impressions and 42K link clicks. There were over 5 million 3-second video views, 1.8 million 15-second video views, and a view through are of 39% (13% higher than our target).

Audiences on social shared their love for the content and its entertainment value, but also the more informative, and educational content from Kaleb.

“We were really pleased with how this campaign performed,” said Liam Clark, Arla Cravendale Brand Manager.“ I think the reason it worked so well versus previous campaigns is because we used Kaleb who helped to drive that relevance with a younger audience, as well as providing a clear link to our farmer owned messages, which is really important, as we are ultimately a farmer-owned brand.”

Read more about the campaign in Performance Marketing World.



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18 million impressions
42K link clicks
5 million 3-second video views
1.8 million 15-second video views
39% view-through rate

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