BY: Goat 10/01/2024

How does B2B influencer marketing work and what do brands get wrong?

During our nine year tenure, we’ve worked with a hugely diverse range of brands, from globally recognised conglomerates, to smaller challenger brands; from consumer-facing to B2B.n. One of the most common questions we still get though is whether influencer marketing is right for B2B brands.  B2B brand marketers tend to worry that influencer marketing, especially across platforms like TikTok and Instagram, won’t be relevant. Well, we’re here to unpack the B2B influencer space, how it works, and the common mistakes brands make within their influencer strategies.
BY: Goat 01/01/2024

The Ultimate Guide to Twitch Marketing in 2024

Twitch is the world’s largest online video game streaming platform, known for captivating audiences through live content. The platform is driven by real-time engagement, and community participation, which means there is a lot of potential for brands to tap into, and grow within the live stream market. Twitch marketing can help brands expand their reach to new, more diverse, audiences. Twitch is also a great platform for brands looking to create a sense of community, and really get to know their consumers. Here’s our guide to Twitch marketing in 2023.
BY: Goat 21/12/2023

What are AI Influencers? And should your brand care?

AI influencers are rapidly developing. Brands like Prada, Versace, Red Bull and Tinder have all activated AI influencers for online promotions, but why? We’ll be answering a few of the questions you might have around AI influencers. What are they? How did they come to be? And most importantly, should you care?
BY: Goat 19/12/2023

Does Size Matter? Macro vs Micro: How and Where Brands Should Invest Their Influencer Budget

We’re putting the ultimate question to the test… Does Size Matter? Before you panic, we’re obviously talking about macro vs micro influencers, and where brands should invest their budget in 2024.  Two of our US Influencer Experts Lock Horns As a global social media and influencer marketing agency, we’ve run thousands of influencer campaigns over
BY: Goat 18/12/2023

Amazon Influencer Marketing: A Guide for Brands Looking to Tap into the Immense Marketplace 

Amazon continues its expansion beyond e-commerce. The multinational tech brand has already branched into streaming services, and even space exploration. Now, Amazon is looking at the influencer market as a new means of driving business success.  We’re here to unpack Amazon influencer marketing, looking at how brands can tap into Amazon’s dense retail media network (RMN), partner with dedicated Amazon influencers, and our exclusive tips for creating a successful Amazon influencer marketing campaign.
BY: Goat 11/12/2023

Virtual Event: Does Size Matter? Macro vs Micro Influencers

In the latest virtual event from The Goat Agency, we debate the question "Does Size Matter?" (in influencer marketing of course). Two Goat experts will go head to head to argue "Macro vs Micro" influencers. Where should brands invest and how should you approach working with them?
BY: Goat 08/12/2023

4 Gaming Brands Crushing Their TikTok Marketing and What You Can Learn

Who are the best TikTok gaming brands, and why are they winning? We’re here to talk about it.