As a brand with deep roots in American Millennial/Genz party culture, Fireball Whiskey was looking for a partner who’s team not only understands their longstanding tradition, but who is representative of the consumers they are trying to reach. Through a highly competitive RFP process we were selected to be their Influencer agency of record to help put “the most popular American whiskey brand” front and center on social media. 

Using an always-on strategy coupled with multi-channel ‘hero influencer activations’ around their highly seasonal cultural events throughout the year, we work to ensure if there is a party being talked about on social, Fireball whiskey is at the forefront.

From originating relevant social creatives and developing new organic content styles, to targeted paid media amplification, we have helped Fireball whiskey to take a giant leap in making Influencer as a channel — a significant piece of their overall marketing mix. As consumers of the brand and a true extension of the Fireball team, we work throughout the calendar year to “ignite” relevant social communities and “deck the halls” of Instagram and Youtube with native Fireball messaging.

The campaign had
over 9.6m

Instagram Reels content
had over 1.1m

The campaign had a 60% Engagement Rate overall, based on Reels/Impressions

Fireball Body Full - The Goat Agency