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Showcasing Tesco's community values on Instagram and TikTok


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365,479 engagements
9.9% engagement rate

Celebrating 3 years of Goat x Tesco

Over the last three years, we have collaborated on truly groundbreaking campaigns, driving results at every stage of the funnel using a data-led, integrated approach to influencer marketing. We’re excited to continue our relationship as their influencer agency of record!

Among our best work is the Stronger Starts campaign, an initiative launched to donate £5m worth of healthy food and activity to 5000 children’s groups by July 2024. 

The Challenge

Community remains at the heart of Tesco’s core values, and it’s something that we relay throughout all of our influencer campaigns and strategies. Tesco approached us with the challenge of amplifying this message of community spirit through a multi-channel influencer campaign across Instagram and TikTok.

We were tasked with driving emotional engagement, audience participation, and to reflect Tesco’s dedication to its local communities.

The Solution

We sourced 6 micro and macro parent influencers that aligned with Tesco’s values and target audience demographics, then had them film  an experience of going to Tesco as a family

The brief was clear but not strict, allowing our creators to tell the story as they saw fit. This kept it very natural and authentic, with audiences responding extremely positively. We then reinforced the content with paid media, continuously testing and optimizing to the best performing, and building ongoing engagement with different audience groups. 

The Result

We out-performed on impressions by 214% and engagement by 121%, not just meeting but exceeding our targets, and fostering audience participation and emotional connections through an impressive 9.9% engagement rate.

We also achieved an impressive CPM of £8.10, far surpassing our estimated £17.35. Stronger Starts boasted a net sentiment score of +87, with an astounding zero negative comments, which embodies our challenge of cementing Tesco as a brand that genuinely cares and fostering a true sense of community.



AD @Tesco Stronger Starts aims to fund £5m worth of healthy food and activities to 5000 children’s groups by July 2024. Funding will support children’s health and mental wellbeing, such as breakfast clubs or snacks, and equipment for healthy activities. Pick up a blue token at the till in-store to see the children’s groups you can help in your local community.

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Overall the campaign drove 6,025 clicks
A net sentiment score (NSS) of 87+ with zero negative comments
an overall engagement rate of 9.9%
3,688,480 impressions vs a guarantee of 1,722,123
365,479 engagements vs a guarantee of (301,213
an £8.10 CPM vs an estimated £17.35

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