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Launching Arm & Hammer's Power Sheets, Powered by Creators


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Our campaign generated 96.5 million impressions
Shortlisted for Best Commerce-Led Influencer Campaign at the Global Influencer Marketing Awards

We helped Arm & Hammer launch its major full-funnel influencer marketing campaign

Here's how we brought the activation to life using creators.

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Arm & Hammer is the brand behind many globally recognised household staples, from toothpaste and deodorant, to cat litter and laundry detergent. In the summer of 2023, Goat developed and executed a major influencer campaign for A&H’s Power Sheets; a campaign that has since been shortlisted for “Best Commerce-Led Influencer Campaign” at the Global Influencer Marketing Awards.


Goat US was tasked with delivering a full-funnel influencer marketing campaign, focused on Arm & Hammer’s high quality laundry detergent sheets.

Targeted at US parents, this campaign needed to deliver results at every stage of the marketing funnel, whilst keeping the creative aligned with our demographic. 


Using our creator identification tool, we researched the creators that best represented Arm & Hammer, could speak authentically about the product, and who we believe could drive conversions, not just engagements. 

We gave each creator a detailed brief, outlining the benefits of the product, and ensured that we were enabling creative freedom. To drive sales, we implemented our industry-first Amazon Ads solution, enabling us to run influencer content through Amazon’s DSP. 

We selected nine creators, ranging from CleanTok Cary, a mum of four who posts cleaning tips, to The Cheetham Family whose content is centered around comedic family moments. These creators delivered impactful organic content which the Goat team then repurposed for influencer-led paid media, targeted at relevant audiences and optimized throughout the campaign. 

Through our industry-first influencer-led Amazon Ads solution, we were able to expand the reach of the campaign outside of the walls of social and hit new audiences. We also retargeted audiences that had already seen the content on social with lower-funnel messaging that clicked through directly to the Amazon product page for purchase.


The results were fantastic and proved the huge potential value in combining influencer marketing with retail media and paid media. 

We totalled:

  • 96.5 million impressions vs a KPI of 71 million
  • 24% paid media engagement rate vs an industry benchmark of 10% 
  • 194K clicks vs a KPI of 82K

Crucially, the campaign generated an incredible $1.71 ROAS vs an industry benchmark of $0.65, enabling the Arm & Hammer team to directly attribute sales to influencer activity.

A full-funnel campaign that truly proves the commercial value in influencer marketing! 




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We totalled 96.5 million impressions
194K clicks
24% paid media engagement rate
And an incredible $1.71 ROAS

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