Case Study: Wayfair

Live commerce was uncharted territory for Wayfair. Here's how we used live shopping across instagram and TikTok to surpass our deliverables.


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Campaign Content

We activated creators on TikTok and Instagram to create pre-live promotional content, followed up by livestreams across both platforms.


Here’s how we used live shopping across Instagram and TikTok to develop a new avenue for audience engagement for online retailer, Wayfair:

The challenge:

Wayfair wanted to explore the live commerce space, unearthing social personalities to host engaging live streams while interacting with viewers, displaying products in real time and influencing audiences towards purchase decisions.

The solution:

We selected 12 influencers from a pool of 200+ that could best bring each live stream to life. From some of Wayfair’s top sales days like Way Day to a Thursday night cooking lesson, our hosts provided a niche product experience that was not only new to the brand, but new to the US too.

Through week-long organic and paid promotion on Instagram and TikTok, each stream was advertised to unique audiences leading up to live day where our creators went live on their respective channels.

Off-screen, we dedicated resource to introducing our creators to the brand, its vision, and ethos. We developed live documents to coach influencers on each product, ensuring that all creators had a deeper connection to the items they were showcasing.



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