Case Study: TurboTax

How we helped TurboTax drive engagement with tax preparation through TikTok and Twitch.


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2.2M+ total views
Earned 126% of our target media views

Campaign Content

We activated four popular live streamers to deliver educational Twitch broadcasts with the help of a live tax expert.


TurboTax, powered by Intuit, is the #1 best-selling tax preparation software to file taxes online. A client since the start of 2023, Goat has been working with the TurboTax team to drive brand awareness and consideration in the US through influencers.

The Challenge

We were briefed with introducing the wonderful world of tax returns to audiences in the gaming and live streaming market. TurboTax wanted to raise awareness around its Live Full Service – a feature that enables customers to file taxes with the help of a live tax expert. 

The Solution

What better way to introduce a live feature than with live content. Our goal was to find self-employed streamers across various gaming niches to promote TurboTax in a digestible and educational way.

We sourced four popular streamers across various gaming niches to bring a personable, engaging, and straightforward approach to doing your taxes. With the help of a Live Expert, our message was to ensure our viewers had time for other things they love, like streaming! With the help of TurboTax Expert Diana Castro, each streamer held an hour-long ad segment simulating a tax filing conversation, showcasing how easy and quick filing taxes can be.

Each streamer put out four Twitch streams, and one promotion on TikTok (a cutdown of the twitch stream) each consisting of interactions with Tax Expert Diana & ad reads.

Why it worked

Taxes are not everyone’s favorite topic, but doing a quick simulation on how easy taxes are with an expert allowed viewers to learn about deductions, creating an engaging and educational environment. Also, because Diana focused on streamers and content creators, many were grateful for the insightful conversation!



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The campaign generated 2.2M+ total views surpassing 126% of our media views target
Our highest viewed pieces of content saw 584,614 views
SypherPK’s TikTok promo had 707 video saves highlighting audience intent to learn more about tax preparation
Streams featuring our tax expert tallied 223,863 views which saw a Peak Concurrent Viewership of 5,705

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