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Introducing "America's favorite pastime" to the UK


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Crossing the Atlantic

Here's how we introduced MLB to audiences in the UK

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The Challenge

Baseball is known as “America’s favorite pastime” and MLB ranks among the nations top viewed sports. Despite this, its popularity hasn’t ever quite translated on the other side of the Atlantic. MLB challenged us with raising the profile of baseball in the UK, with the aim of building its future fanbase!

The Approach

We contracted seven influencers across the fashion, food, music and sport verticals as our official ambassadors for the season, creating our very first creator class. 

From Thogden and Craig Mitch to Rianna Lints and Culture Force, our influencers set out to generate hype and excitement for MLB’s London Series by attending fan events and combining food and sport content in the build up to hook their audience. We brought our creators in to bat for MLB in the UK, quite literally. We launched ‘Home Run House’, an interactive event with everything from a batting cage to an American-themed bar. They then attended the London Series, capturing the day through Instagram Stories and posting content reflecting back on their experience of the games.

Following the Series, the goal was to maintain awareness of MLB and sustain the hype post-event. This included sending our creators down to Lids to customize their MLB merch, posting giveaways featuring MLB goods and also pushing momentum towards the World Series and 2024 tickets with their final content.


Overall our campaign delivered some pretty impressive results highlighting an upturn in interest in baseball and MLB in the UK.

We delivered 3,117,065 impressions (103% higher than our guarantee), 175,132 engagements (120% higher than our guarantee), and an earned media value of £32,992. We also over delivered by 310% on total media views, with an overall 2,943,039 across all content. 




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We drove 175,132 engagements
3,117,065 impressions
An earned media value of £32,992
2,943,039 total media views

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