World Remit

Tasked with increasing awareness of World Remit’s offering among migrant communities from a number of key territories, Goat devised an initial four-month influencer program that saw influencers across Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Zimbabwe, India, Phillippines, Somalia and Colombia promoting the product across Instagram.

A total of 47 influencers were activated across the eight markets, utilising feed placements for high-impact personal messaging and Stories for content requiring immediate user action, such as clicking through to site.

The campaign average engagement rate, across all influencers used, more than quadrupled the platform average, contributing to the campaign’s performance massively and far exceeding pre-campaign targets. This strong performance included a 127% over delivery on the client’s ultimate performance indicator – engagements.

Drove over 3.3m Impressions during the four-month campaign

More than 2.4m total Engagements were achieved across the whole campaign

10.8k Clicks were made during the campaign

Delivered a 16% Average Engagement Rate across the campaign

Executed more than £8k’s worth of campaign over delivery

World Remit Body Full - The Goat Agency


lydiadinga performed exceptionally well with an engagement rate of 21%, and this was a testament to her authentic and personal caption

World Remit - The Goat Agency