Starling Bank

At the beginning of 2020, Starling approached Goat with the task to create a multi-channel ambassador program to drive social conversation and brand consideration that focussed on both their personal and business accounts.

We supported their key focuses and integrated influencers into their marketing mix throughout the year. This was achieved across numerous platforms, with Youtube integrations, Instagram TV, Q&A sessions & static and story posts on Instagram. Influencers touched upon personal experiences and gos that were unachievable without Starling’s features.

Throughout the year, we worked with Starling to create a rolling ambassador program, activating around key calendar moments; the main one being money management during a pandemic. We saw our ambassadors create authentic storytelling content relating to their personal financial experiences, sparking positive conversation and an increase in new account holders.

Based on the success of influencers as a channel, towards the end of 2020 we assisted with the new soft launch of their Kite Card, which was for children aged 6-16. Whilst we activated our long-standing ambassadors, we saw a huge success creating conversation within the parenting community which was used as a case study to fully launch the card a month later.

We achieved 23m+ Impressions across the campaign period

12.5m+ Engagements were obtained across the campaign

Post content received 15.5k saves

We obtained an 8% overall engagement rate

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