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We specialize in delivering creator-led commerce solutions for leading brands globally.

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Social Commerce Powered by Influencers 

From TikTok Shop to shoppable influencer content, we work with brands to drive commerce within social apps

Social commerce allows users to make purchases directly within social media apps, creating a frictionless shopping experience . At Goat, our commerce capabilities extend beyond just social media, leveraging influencer content to drive sales across wider channels, including retail media. We call it creator-led commerce.

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$1 trillion

Social commerce revenue by 2028

5.3 million

TikTok social buyers in 2023

90.2 million

Social buyers in the US


of US consumers use social media for gift ideas

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Social Commerce Campaigns Powered by Influencers

We’ve worked with leading D2C brands on social commerce strategies integrated with influencer marketing, driving incredible results.

Our Social Commerce Services

Social commerce infrastructure continues to grow, enabling brands to reach consumers through various channels. Here’s where we can help elevate your brand’s online shopping presence by leveraging creator content.

TikTok Shop

TikTok’s in-app marketplace offers diverse products curated by creators. Users can discover trends, shop seamlessly, and engage with unique content-driven shopping experiences directly within the TikTok platform.

Instagram Shop

Instagram’s integrated e-commerce platform lets users explore and purchase products from brands they love. It offers personalized recommendations, easy browsing, and seamless transactions within the platform.


We offer a variety of creator-led commerce services to help our clients drive sales on Amazon. These range from influencer-hosted Amazon Lives, to our industry-first Amazon Ads solution which allows us to push influencer content across Amazon Ads suite, driving greater performance and ROAS.

Beyond Social Media

Our social commerce solution isn’t exclusive to social media. We leverage a creator-first approach that enables us to distribute content programmatically and to drive sales on Retail Media sites like Amazon and Walmart.

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Social commerce at The Goat Agency

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Powered by influencers

Influencers are at the core of everything we do. Integrating social commerce with influencer marketing helps us create a powerful tool for reaching your target audience. Influencers leverage their authority, reach, and authenticity to connect with audiences, amplify brand messaging, and drive conversions through trusted recommendations and engaging content collaborations.

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Human touch

People love real content made by real people. We incorporate a human touch in social commerce strategies to foster trust, authenticity, and emotional connections with customers, enhancing engagement, loyalty, and ultimately driving sales through personalized interactions and genuine relationships.

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Retail media connection

Our commerce offering isn’t exclusive to just social media, but it is always creator first. This means we can use creator generated content to drive commerce results, more broadly, across channels like retail media networks, and the third-party sites that display their ads.

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Tracking and optimization

We use Ibex, our content and data spine, to track and optimize each of our influencer campaigns; active and future. This data-driven approach means we can deliver the most accurate solution, every time.


Why Choose Goat for Social Commerce?

Guaranteed Social Commerce Results Driven by Influencers

At the forefront of social commerce innovation: Our team of social natives have an ear to the ground, helping to connect you to the latest developments in social commerce.

Our platform partnerships: We have dedicated contacts at TikTok, Instagram and Amazon, meaning we are always on top of the latest developments and innovations. We even developed an industry-first solution with the Amazon Ads team which allows us to push influencer content through the Amazon DSP.

Global influence: With over 350 employees across 34 markets, Goat is truly a global agency. We can help you reach audiences anywhere in the world through social and influencer-first marketing.

Paid media elevation: Our in-house Paid team offers expertise in paid social advertising, meaning you can get more relevant eyeballs on your brand’s content, elevating your social commerce strategy to even greater heights.

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Does Social Commerce Work for my Industry?

Social commerce is most effective for consumer facing brands. From fashion and lifestyle, to food & drink and gaming, social commerce is well-suited for multiple sectors

Social commerce is in its early stages. For maximum benefit, the time to jump on is now!

Time to Elevate our Brand Through Social Commerce


What social media platforms does The Goat Agency utilize for social commerce marketing?

We specialize in delivering social commerce campaigns across Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, along with across the Amazon Live solution

How does The Goat Agency integrate social commerce with a brand's overall digital marketing strategy?

We work with our clients to translate their wider brand and business goals into social and influencer first marketing strategies. We believe in the power of social and creator-first marketing, and so we work with our clients to place these right at the heart of their wider digital marketing strategy, integrating creator-first social commerce seamlessly with other media channels.

Can Goat Run Campaigns across different markets and in different languages?

We have 350+ employees and a presence in 34 markets across the world. We have run campaigns in over 70 countries and in 28 different languages. You’re in safe hands no matter where you are!


Influencer Marketing

Unique data-led influencer selection using our bespoke in-house CRM system, creating high-quality authentic content and performance marketing. We are an agency, not a tech solution!

Social, Creative, Strategy

Data, insight and trend-driven development of creative ideas and strategies to deliver the most relevant, engaging and effective social campaigns.

Paid Social

Taking paid media on social to a powerful new level of effectiveness with the truly unique ability of full access influencer + brand paid media advertising.

Content Production

In-house video production, editing and design team producing bespoke creative assets optimized for use on social, paid media, digital and beyond.