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Goat is a global social media agency with expertise in YouTube marketing. We deliver organic, paid and influencer strategies and activations for our brand partners.

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Why should brands invest in influencer marketing on YouTube?

YouTube is the second biggest ‘social media platform’ in the world, with over 2.5 billion active monthly users. There are many opportunities for brands to engage this audience, including creating their own original content, partnering with creators and running paid advertising. It’s also the internet’s second-largest search engine, meaning brands can benefit from improving their SEO and overall brand presence through the platform.

And while YouTube was originally known more for longer form content, in 2020 they announced the introduction of YouTube Shorts; a format to rival TikTok in which users can upload 60-second vertical or square videos.

At The Goat Agency, we primarily focus on helping your brand to partner with macro and micro YouTube creators and influencers, as well as promoting content through paid media.


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Check out our YouTube marketing case studies and learn how influencer marketing and paid media have delivered impressive results for leading brands across the USAUK, APAC and the rest of the world.

Which services do Goat offer on YouTube?

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Why choose Goat for your YouTube Marketing & Advertising

Our expertize

We’ve delivered thousands of YouTube campaigns for the most exciting and forward-thinking brands in the world, spanning every sector and every continent. The learnings and insights we’ve built over the past decade are unparalleled and our team is always on top of the latest trends and platform updates.

Our team

We provide our clients with a team of YouTube influencer marketing specialists. These include our Campaigns team, our Paid Social team, our Social Commerce team, and our Strategy team. They work together and alongside our clients to first build a strategy, and then deliver a campaign, that will achieve the desired goals.

Our data

We have meticulously built a database of YouTube influencers across every niche, vertical, audience and KPI. This enables us to identify the best influencers for your campaign outcome. We also have an in-house Data & Insights team to ensure that we continue to build on our existing knowledge and share it with our clients.

Our results

Our results speak for themselves. We’ve built long-term partnerships with some of the world’s biggest brands from the US to the UK and Asia-Pacific after proving time and time again that we deliver.

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YouTube Marketing for Brands in All Major Industries

We offer YouTube Influencer Marketing for businesses in a range of sectors in multiple markets:



We specialize in driving revenue using influencers. If you are a brand looking to scale, get in touch to discuss your goals.


Why is YouTube a great marketing channel?

YouTube is one of the best marketing channels for driving reach and engagement. It has a huge global audience crossing all age groups and demographics, and 90% of people around the world use YouTube to explore new brands and products. YouTube is also the world’s second largest search engine. Many Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) now include video, and 94% of these are from YouTube.

There are several avenues of marketing to explore on YouTube. Brands can create original content on their own channels, or they can partner with the 51 million creators already on the platform to co-create content. Partnering with creators and influencers in this way is a great way for brands to build trust and credibility, as creators on the platform already have a very dedicated, engaged audience. YouTube is home to a diverse range of content and influencers, meaning almost any industry can utilize its marketing opportunities, from consumer tech to food & beverage, luxury to automotive.

Finally, as well as awareness, engagement and consideration, YouTube is a fantastic tool for driving conversions and revenue. Paid ads on the platform, either as a pre-roll or within the video, and YouTube shopping features such as cards, end screens and tags help to drive viewers to your website. Countless times at Goat, we’ve seen uplifts in sales for clients during and after their YouTube campaigns.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a video sharing service where users can watch, like, share, comment and upload their own videos. Originally created in 2005, it is now one of the most popular sites on the internet, with visitors watching around 6 billion hours of video every month.

Today, YouTube leverages creators, individuals or groups who create content for viewers who subscribe to their channel. Billions of people tune into their favourite YouTube creators and influencers on a daily basis to watch and engage with their content.

Following the overwhelming success of TikTok, YouTube introduced YouTube Shorts in 2020, where creators are able to upload 60 second maximum vertical or square videos (similar to Instagram Reels and TikToks). According to YouTube, Shorts are now attracting over 1.5 billion active monthly users.

YouTube FAQs

Why is YouTube good for marketing?

YouTube has 2.5 billion active users per month. It’s also the world’s second largest search engine. Increasingly consumers, particularly Gen Z/Gen Alpha, are harder to reach via traditional marketing channels like TV and radio. Instead, they’re spending more time consuming video on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Twitch.

Creators and influencers on YouTube tend to have a very engaged and loyal subscriber base. In partnering with them, brands can benefit from incredible reach, but also build trust and credibility.

What types of advertising can you do on YouTube?

YouTube advertising can be separated into three categories; branded content production, influencer marketing, and paid social advertising campaigns.

At Goat, we specialise in influencer marketing combined with paid advertising support.

There are a number of ways you can approach influencer partnerships. The influencer can incorporate a brand’s product in their video(s) for a short period of time e.g. a review, tutorial or vlog. The benefit of these types of partnerships is that they feel very natural – they don’t feel like adverts as the brand/product is integrated harmoniously with the rest of the content.

Alternatively, you can have a dedicated advert, in which the influencer creates a video that’s fully centred around the brand/product. While these are more obvious adverts, the benefit is that the brand gets much more exposure in the content.

Finally, livestream ads involve creators going live on YouTube to shout out the brand mid-stream, and YouTube Shorts work similarly to the above examples but just in a short 60-second video.

When combining with paid media, Goat can boost the influencer or brand content to get more eyeballs on it. Placements within paid ads include trueview ads, non-skippable in-stream ads, bumper in-stream ads, overlay ads, display ads and sponsored card ads.

How do YouTube Influencer campaigns work with Goat?

First, we align with you on the goal and purpose of the campaign – what is it that we want to achieve? We’ll then build a strategy that enables us to reach these goals.

Using our proprietary database and additional market research, the Goat team will source influencers based on campaign objectives and desired demographics. Our Campaigns team take full ownership of the influencer management side of the campaign, from agreeing the terms with influencers and organising logistics surrounding content creation, to ensuring the content goes live and managing payments.

Alongside the Campaigns team, our Paid Social team will manage any paid media activations, tracking the campaign from start to finish and ensuring we are on track to meet/supersede the agreed deliverables.

Following the campaign, we will provide our client with a full Post Campaign Analysis Report, providing insights, learnings and recommendations.

Throughout the whole process, you will have a dedicated Account Manager whose role is to oversee the entire account and be your first point of contact.

How much experience do the Goat team have with YouTube ads?

As an agency, Goat has been running YouTube influencer campaigns since 2015. We have extensive experience on the platform, having run thousands of campaigns for different clients across a variety of regions and verticals.

Will I get my own dedicated account manager?

Absolutely! Goat provides each client with their own dedicated Account Manager whose role is to oversee the entire process and campaign and to be your first point of contact.

What is the success rate of YouTube marketing?

The Goat Agency guarantees deliverables for our clients before the start of a campaign. So should we for any reason under deliver based on the agreed KPIs, we will continue to contract more influencers/content until we have met them. This means that our clients know exactly what they’re getting for their budget before committing.

How much of a say will I get as a client on my YouTube campaign?

Goat takes full responsibility for campaign execution, from influencer selection to content approval. However, we of course work with our clients to make sure all sides are fully comfortable with the strategy and approach before we begin. We ask you to fill in a briefing form which we can then discuss and use to ensure we’re aligned. We’ll then create an influencer brief that you can review before any outreach begins.

How do you pick Influencers for a YouTube campaign?

We have built an influencer database with information and data from the thousands of campaigns we’ve run on behalf of clients.

We use this database to quickly identify the influencers we think would be the best fit for a campaign. This could be based on their interests, their audience demographics, their engagement rates, or the types of content they create.

Alongside our own database, our team are constantly seeking out additional influencers, particularly those that are recently emerging or seeing steady growth.

Once we have a wide list, we’ll then hone in to choose the best influencers for this specific campaign.

How long does a YouTube campaign run for?

This will depend entirely on the budget and the objective.

For example, if launching a new product, it may be that the best strategy is to generate as much ‘noise’ as possible over a short period of time in the lead up to launch. On the other hand, a longer term brand building campaign may require months of always-on activity.

We will work with you to determine your goals and agree the best route for success.

How do YouTube ads work?

TrueView Ads: advertisers only pay for this ad when users watch for at least 30 seconds, watch an entire short video, or interact with an ad in some way e.g. clicking on a call-to-action. TrueView is either found in-stream or discovery (found when searching for videos).

Non-skippable in-stream Ads: This ad type is less popular due to the lack of viewer control, and YouTube has dropped the duration of this format from 30 seconds to 15-20 seconds. This format can be a pre-roll mid-roll and advertisers pay on a CPM basis.

Bumper In-stream Ads: These are non-skippable video ads that play before a viewer’s chosen video and must be less than 6 seconds long. Advertisers pay for this ad type on a CPM basis and most brands use this ad type as part of a larger YouTube advertising campaign.

Overlay Ads: These are banner ads that appear along the bottom of videos, Overlay ads can also be text-based

Display Ads: These ads have been around for a while and appear in the right-hand sidebar above the suggested videos list

Sponsored Card Ads: These ads appear within videos as small CTA popups. A small “i” symbol appears in the upper right-hand corner which viewers can click on. This expands and can showcase products through Google shopping.

What kinds of businesses is YouTube marketing best for?

YouTube marketing can work for any brand, regardless of size or sector. It’s all about how you use it.

As long as you have a well thought out strategy, you can use YouTube to drive action throughout the whole marketing funnel.

Challenger brands can use it to grow awareness of their products or services. Established brands with already-high recognition can use it to build loyalty, trust and consideration. And all brands can use it to drive conversions in the form of website visits or purchases.

What are the main benefits for brands using YouTube?
  • YouTube is the second most popular platform for influencer marketing. Creators tend to have very loyal subscriber bases, and with the incredible reach you can get on the platform, it’s the perfect place to build awareness and consideration for your brand’s products and services.
  • The longer form nature of YouTube videos means that brands can benefit from more in-depth content from creators. This could be in the form of reviews, tutorials, vlogs, challenges… or just incredibly creative, high quality content!
  • YouTube has a diverse mix of content styles. Whilst Instagram tends to be more aesthetic and edited, and TikTok more relaxed and unpolished, YouTube sees a real mixture of the two. Depending on the creator you partner with, you could have a piece of content that’s incredibly high production or a very relaxed vlog.
  • While YouTube has traditionally been a long-form video content, the introduction of YouTube Shorts in 2020 has opened another avenue of short-form influencer content, similar to that of Reels or TikTok.

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