Mars – Springbake

Mars challenged Goat to create an Easter-focussed campaign that drove fun, excitement and engagement with the brand.

Using Influencers, we ran a three-week campaign focusing on raising awareness of the #SpringbakeShowdown, and subsequently increasing participants in the Easter competition.

The campaign was centerd around ‘Expectation versus Reality’. We had three specialist bakers create a recipe for an Easter themed cake – each baker was tasked with decorating their cake using a specific Mars product (i.e. M&Ms, Maltesers and Galaxy). Using these recipes, parenting influencers were asked to replicate the bake to the best of their ability with their kids, emphasising this as a family activity. Each influencer created an Instagram feed post showing off their attempt to create the specialist baker’s cake, as well as a number of Instagram Stories.

The campaign achieved 1.7m+ impressions

Overall, there was a 16.222% View Through Rate

150% Over delivery on campaign metrics

87.92% Added value to Instagram Story spend

Mars Springbake - The Goat Agency


fivelittledoves had the highest engagement rate of 48.05% across the campaign

M M S - The Goat Agency